First Impressions #DeiseBloggerEvent

Recently I went to a deise blogger event (waterford blogger) and received amazing goodie bags! There is just so much stuff in them I haven’t even used half of them! I didnt want to quickly use them and just throw up a review I really want to take in everything into consideration. I will be doing a proper blog post on the items and brands in the coming week or so, keep an eye out for that! Here is a first impression on some of the stuff I was excited to get and have used:


Fabuloss tea:

I drink green tea a lot in work during the day anyway but I wanted to give this detox tea a go just because it increases energy and reduces appetite (which I need both!). The day tea contains natural herbs, nettle, fennel and hawthorn.  The night tea contains senna leaves and lemon grass. I have been using it the last 2 days and see a reduce in my appetite but energy wise not yet but it is still early days! Will do a blog post when finished!


Morning Boost: Make one cup in the morning using one tea bag ed for per cup. Pour freshly boiled water and brew for 5 minutes before drinking. Drink one cup per day for up to 14 days.

Night Cleanse: Make one cup before bedtime using one tea bag per cup. Pour on freshly boiled water and brew for 5 minutes before drinking. Drink one cup per every second day for no more than 7 consecutive

Beverly Hills Perfect White:

We got the gold version in our goodie bags! I use the black version of this toothpaste and the mouth wash and find these amazing, I love them and can’t see myself using any other brand. I haven’t used this yet want to use up the other as it’s nearly gone but can’t wait to see how this goes 😊


Artdeco Most Wanted Contour Palette:

This amazing palette is launching in September but you can get a sneak peak next week with a full blog post and maybe even a snapchat makeup look using it 😋 I received the cool shade it also comes in warm which is darker! These will retail at €37.50, it is well worth it as the pigment is amazing! This will be used regularly, no doubt!


Sleek Eye and Cheek Palette:

This palette is called “Dancing till Dusk”. A palette for creating natural looks. All sleek products have such amazing quality! Sleek are without a doubt one of my top drugstore brands and they never disappoint in there quality.  I used this and love the colours, i used the orange blush colour as a transition shade on my eyes, the lessed used will be the pink!



Karora Express Bronzing Mousse:

I am so fussy when it comes to tan as I hate when being washed off it fades off horribly! I have just applied this tonight so will have to wait to do proper blog post but I found it so easy to apply and my skin feels hydrated after it. This tan still develops even when showered off which is AMAZING! It hydrates as it tans because of its ingredients; jojoba, argan, bergament, aloe Vera and rosemary. Ladies such as Pippa OConnor, Just Jordan, Becca Lawson used this tan and that is where I heard of it. I heard great reviews about this tan so cannot wait to use the other products from this brand!



Glove Your Body:

This range has great reviews, I was delighted when I seen these in the goodie bags. We received the trio which was a tan application mitt, exfoliation mitt and facial cleansing and exfoliating mitt. I have only used the tanning mitt as I was so excited too use it. I used this to put my Karora tan on. There is little finger holders in the mitt for an extra grip and easy application. I don’t think I will be using any other mitt after using this as it was so soft and applied my tan amazingly. It can be washed after use and be reused which is amazing 😍 you need this!



Have you tried any of these products? If you have let me know what you thought 😀

Holiday Outfits

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Suitcase Tips!!


Hey guys!

So I am off to Tenerife tomorrow and I am so excited.. I have been picking up some holiday bits the last few weeks (mostly from penny’s) because lets face it you cant beat penny’s!! But I did not realize how much stuff I actually bought till now.. Of course I had a few bits already but who doesn’t love bringing new bits on holidays.

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My 21st ☺

I had an amazing weekend having my 21st party and it’s not even my actual birthday till next week! 🙈 To start off with my cake that my mams friend made it was gorgeous  (Chocolate and Orange) 😍👌 having the lipsticks, scissors and all that just made the cake!


I decided I had to treat myself and get pampered for my big party and I went to no other than my workplace! The Salon @ Georges Court ☺ I got my nails, hair and make up done! My make up is all Mac which has to be my favourite brand! This picture really does not do it justice but it was fab 👌 Lipstick is Diva and it is now on my list to
buy ASAP!
My nails I usually go for dark colours like black and wine but I wanted a change so since nude is in this season it had to be had and some sparkle to lighten up my dull life 😛
And lastly my hair! I always either have it down or up in a bun so I needed something funky and different! I forgot to get a proper picture of my hair but how it was achieved was curling small sections with a very small curling thongs and just push that piece up as if your back coming with your fingers! I just loved it ☺




As i went looking everywhere for  something to buy for my 21st I couldn’t see anything that stood out so I eventually just went looking in my wardrobe! Like most girls I had a load of clothes still with the tag on that I actually forgot I had 😕 including this dress! This dress is  from River Island and I picked it up in a sale which it was reduces to €14. I was so comfy on and you can never go wrong with a little black dress ☺ And everyone that knows me knows I LOVE black!


That’s it for now! I hope you had a good weekend ☺ ill be back soon 🎀
              Lyanne xo

Lyanne 💖x