Sleeping Beauty

I love pyjamas!


I own a million pairs, the minute i come home i throw on my pjs straight away. I love this time of the year when your cuddled up in your pjs or comfy robe with a mug of tea, chocolate and watching movies.

There’s so many nice pyjamas and lounge wear in shops lately and what a better time of year to treat yourself and buy a new set! They are also a great present for people to, who doesn’t love receiving new pyjamas and fluffy socks.

I thought I would share my favourite pieces I found online.

Here! River Island €25
Here! River Island €25
Here! River Island €22
Grey Polka Dot Animal Ear Robe Image 1
Here! Pretty Little Thing €25.20 sale
Red Polka Dot Onesie Image 1
Here! Pretty Little Things €25.20
Grey Fade Check Nightshirt
Here! Penneys €10
Here! Heatons €15.60 sale


Here! New Look €7.99


Here! Heatons €15.60 sale
Here! New Look €29.99


Here! New Look €9.99



Here! New Look €29.99


Fairisle Pom Pom Socks
Here! Penneys €4


Thanks for reading!


 Until Next Time,

      Lyanne x





Hair Style It!


Do something cool and different with your hair!

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Pennys Makeup Brushes

Pennys or Primark, which ever you know it as, have recently come out with these beautiful rose gold and black double ended brushes. They range from €1.50 – €2.50, you could not leave them there for that! I had time to try them the other day and here is what I think.


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Make up Brush Cleaning Time!

Cleaning make up brushes has been hated since my make up loving existence. My main problem with cleaning my brushes is that my fingers turn into prunes. Anyway, I am going to show you how I clean my make up brushes.

Cleaning your makeup brushes is SO important! Your brushes can last years if you treat them correctly, Ive had some of these brushes 5 years now and they are still as good as new.Its hard to believe how much bacteria collects up in your brushes, than that goes onto your face. Which than that of causes spots and unwanted bacteria on your face. So how often should you clean your make up brushes? I think once a week is ideal. You will need a gentle cleanser and you can also get a professional brush spray to use daily if you’d like to use in between your deep clean, this will ensure you’re getting rid of any bacteria gathered in your brushes.

Heres a step by step guide to making your brushes looking as good as new. You can buy make up brush cleaner i.e Mac Brush Cleaner but if you dont want to break the bank than all you need is baby shampoo.

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Fluff Balls


Is it just me or anybody else obsessed with this fluff trend?
I am loving the fluffy accessories SO MUCH!! I got the cream fluff ball in River Island a while back for around €10. I went into Pennys/Primark last week and picked up this wine fluff ball for as little as €3!

Lyanne 💖x

Beauty Bargain

If your like me and wouldnt go on a night out without your false lashes this post is for you! “Eylure” are the brand of fake lashes I would have wearing before they would be one of the popular brands with the likes of Katy Perry and Girls Aloud collaborating with them.

41C09YL62kL    Eylure-Katy-Perry-Lashes-44

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Holiday Outfits

20150607_22011520150611_101019 20150610_201342                                    20150611_22200820150606_141357


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Suitcase Tips!!


Hey guys!

So I am off to Tenerife tomorrow and I am so excited.. I have been picking up some holiday bits the last few weeks (mostly from penny’s) because lets face it you cant beat penny’s!! But I did not realize how much stuff I actually bought till now.. Of course I had a few bits already but who doesn’t love bringing new bits on holidays.

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Spring Haul

Yesterday I took a little trip to Kilkenny with my boyfriend. I love going kilkenny for a day out and the atmosphere is great up there specially on a nice summers day! Penny’s is what does it for Waterford since the upgrade but other than that.. So why not take a little trip away and I wanted to buy a few things to treat myself for my birthday which is on Tuesday ☺

So firstly I went to ONLY. They had Easter deals on which was great! I picked up these:




Firstly were these jeans which are just fab👌 they are skinny style and are very soft material which makes them extra comfy! They were also in white and a pale blue but of course I’d have to go for the darker colours 🙈
Since i love everything black rhese had to be bought! They are slightly a washed denim look with a leather strip down the side which makes them that bit dressy and different!
I than added a bit of colour to my life, I bought these fab colour jeans which I don’t know how to explain (a greeny blue colour)? These can be brightened up in summer with a nice flowery shirt. These were €10.95 each or two for €16.95!

I than picked up this light grey oversized jumper. I have been looking for a nice one for a while now and what I like about this one is the high neck line and the 3/4 length sleeves. The material is very light which is good as in Ireland the weather is never that great so on them sunny days but have that chill this is ideal! I can’t wait to pair this jumper with a nice simple long necklace. This was €24.95

Than I went to RIVER ISLAND. I have to say I was so happy with the clothes in this season I wanted everything!! And when there was a sale I was straight to it! here




First I picked up this stripe long tshirt. I was looking for one like this but couldn’t seem to find a nice one. This ticks all the boxes for me it’s light material and the slits up the side make it dressy! I’m usually not one for slogan tops unless they have a good one! As some can be pointless and ruin the top! This slogan is “Paris is always a good idea” , which is so true! This paired with jeans, ankled boot heels and a bouler hat 💖. This was €33 reduced to €14


Aaaaand another stripe! I was eyeing this up back home in Waterford but was waiting till pay day and when I seen it on the sale rack it in my size, it had to be mine! What I love about this top is the detail. I love the striped boxes style, the pocket, sleeves rolled up abit and the twisted detail in the front. Also the front is that bit shorter than the back so you could even tuck it into your jeans or leave it out! This was €45 reduced to €24. Only thing is I do have to wash it as it has abit of makeup on the collar.




Lastly I bought it flowery shirt! I love shiffon shirt’s  no matter what the style or print! This caught my eye in someone’s hand and had to have it, and thankfully there was a few more left on the railing. What I love about River Island shirts lately they have open backs or slits! This one has a slight slit going up half way! This makes it that bit more dressy and different. The print in this is fab you can wear any colour with this really!


I than went to penny’s to have a look and see if there was anything different, this shop is so much smaller than the Waterford one but I did come out with a few things. Usually that’s were I spend all of my money 🙈
I bought 2 crop tops, one in black and the other in black and white stripes. Crop tops are big in now and will be more specially coming into summer! But these show the right amount of skin as they have a high neck line and have short sleeves. Will love wearing these with my black disco pants. These were €4 each.
I than bought another slogan top this is a vest top for summer paired with denim shorts be lovely! This slogan says ” make it happen”. This was €3.
I than just bought sunglasses which are rounded frames and have that leapord print style! They were €3.
And I bought a very simple gold necklace. It’s long with just a simple straight line that’s dented abit on one side which will go lovely with the grey jumper I bought! That was €2.

Now if you never heard of this place or never been you NEED to go! It’s my new addiction 💖 and what’s a trip to Kilkenny without going into this fab store!


Everything in this shop is so unique! Trust me you will need abit of money going in here because you will so much stuff! I was going mad though it was the last shop I went to 🙈 I did buy two scarfs which I will wear as headbands or tie around my handbag to dress it up!


I picked up the pink one first and it just has the 3 colours in squares going around it and seen it was €3.95 for one and €5 for two so after 5 mins of rummaging through the box and my boyfriend telling me to just pick 2 I came across this royal blue one! I LOVE it, Royal blue is a lovely colour and than it has black tassle kind of things on the edges on it! I also bought a nude turban but I forgot to get a picture of that!
This shop have amazing stuff there sequin tops/cardi 💜 here is a few pictures of what they would have:





Hope you enjoyed my haul ☺ I was planning on doing a makeup look but I woke up being sick today and stuck to the bed.. but I promise to have one soon ☺

Lyanne 💖x