Nailed It!

Happy Sunday! So I went and got my gel nails done this week after not having them on since around Christmas…and that was hard for me as I was very fond of my gel nails buuut THEY ARE BACK!! 

I am great for having ideas when I go in I more than likely know what I want…but me being me when I see all colour wheels I cannot decide and end up going for something different!! I decided to just go in and get the idea in my head and not even peak at whats on the colour wheel.. I am doing a blog post about gel nails and a few pictures or who I look up to get inspiration.. Because when I cannot decide I am scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram for ideas, I am creative and dont mind what colours end up on my fingers.


I do like mine pointed but I could change around to Coffin or Rounded shape. I do also like them longish but it does make things awkward like taking coins out of the till or opening up a can.. but they are they things us girls go through for nice nails 🙂 Anyone else feel my pain? But being a hairdresser what I also hate is if i dont have gel nails and have normal polish on it just chips and could end up in someones hair (could happen if not wearing gloves..) and I hate the look of chipped nail polish so having your nails done just makes life so much easier!

My favourite so far was definitely the nude/pink colour. That colour just goes so well with everything and if you want to change up from a plain colour, you cannot go wrong with glitter!

Some pages I look at for inspiration on Instagram is:

For pictures I go onto Pinterest and you will find loads!


Let me know below where you get your nail inspiration from 🙂


My 21st ☺

I had an amazing weekend having my 21st party and it’s not even my actual birthday till next week! 🙈 To start off with my cake that my mams friend made it was gorgeous  (Chocolate and Orange) 😍👌 having the lipsticks, scissors and all that just made the cake!


I decided I had to treat myself and get pampered for my big party and I went to no other than my workplace! The Salon @ Georges Court ☺ I got my nails, hair and make up done! My make up is all Mac which has to be my favourite brand! This picture really does not do it justice but it was fab 👌 Lipstick is Diva and it is now on my list to
buy ASAP!
My nails I usually go for dark colours like black and wine but I wanted a change so since nude is in this season it had to be had and some sparkle to lighten up my dull life 😛
And lastly my hair! I always either have it down or up in a bun so I needed something funky and different! I forgot to get a proper picture of my hair but how it was achieved was curling small sections with a very small curling thongs and just push that piece up as if your back coming with your fingers! I just loved it ☺




As i went looking everywhere for  something to buy for my 21st I couldn’t see anything that stood out so I eventually just went looking in my wardrobe! Like most girls I had a load of clothes still with the tag on that I actually forgot I had 😕 including this dress! This dress is  from River Island and I picked it up in a sale which it was reduces to €14. I was so comfy on and you can never go wrong with a little black dress ☺ And everyone that knows me knows I LOVE black!


That’s it for now! I hope you had a good weekend ☺ ill be back soon 🎀
              Lyanne xo

Lyanne 💖x