4 signs you needs a new look


The internet went into meltdown again this week when we seen a picture of Kim Kardashian with her hair chopped into a blunt lob but matter of fact turns out the new look  – ITS A WIG!!

At this point I think if we see any Kardashian/Jenner change there hairstyle – Its not real..


A lot of people this year have gone for the chop and got a complete new hairstyle (Like you may know I myself got a few inches off my hair) But I got to say I have loved my hair since I got it done.

Here are questions to ask yourself that may help you make up your mind if it’s time for a change, and do you need a haircut…

* Did your hairstylist cut layers the last time you got your hair cut, and now your hair is nearing one length? It’s time for a trim at the very-least.

* Have you had the exact same length for the past five years, and to ensure your dead ends are gone, you only get a few cm chopped?

* Is your hair looking thinner? The longer fine hair grows, the thinner it looks. A shorter cut can give you the appearance of thicker, healthier hair.

* What sort of maintenance is involved in new style and can I handle it? Are you ready for high maintenance?

* What is the growing out process going to be like?

I know it seems silly to put so much thought into getting a haircut, but as anyone who has ever had a bad haircut knows, it’s best to really be sure about these things!

                                     Are you considering cutting your hair?

Any more questions, Let me know, and if you do get the chop Make sure you tag me in pictures 🙂


Contouring is out!?

People have been contouring there face for quite some while now thanks to Kim Kardashian – West but it is so yesterday now! However “strobing” is the now thing this summer.

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Breaking News or New Trend Alert!?

So two different hairstyles have been revealed but which would you rather try, Love it or hate it!

First up is the most drastic one! Kim Kardashian – West platinum blonde hair! Many people chopped off their locks when she did I wonder of this will start a platinum blonde revolution 🙈 we gotta say kim Kardashian stole the show at the Balmain Paris Fashion Show, Talk about a change! Sooo I am NOT a fan of this colour change. I have to say the colourist did a very good job though but I am not feeling it! I think darker hair is so much of a better colour on her.




And then there is Cheryl Fernandez Versini ! And when does this girl ever do wrong, in my eyes NEVER! it really does seem to be the season for short hair. Have to say I really like it! cheryl has gone and got herself a brand new do, her hair is gorgeous it actually reminds me of Rachel from Friends! She pulls off this 70s inspired hairstyle which is very feminine and sexy! The cut amazing and it’s a style that’s ready to go which falls into place when styled or next day hair! Her colour is also done and that berry red colour is amazing! I also can’t help but love her perfect contoured cheek bones!


Which style would you rather or even give a go?

Lyanne Hennessy