Crazy about Donuts!!

Last week myself and my boyfriend took a trip to Limerick for a few days. We came across this cool donut & coffee shop! Now I couldn’t pass without getting a donut, I just love them!


Funky Donut & Co is located at 74 little Catherine Street. When I walked in I was just drooling over the donuts, there was such a selection such as; Rolo, Glazed,Homer Simpson & Cookie Monster. We went twice while we were there and I was very indecisive about which one to get in the end we choose Cookies & Cream, Oreo and Dime. My favourite was the Dime bar one! And if one donut doesn’t do, they have 4 for €10, 6 for €15 and 12 for €25. We went for the €5 which is 1 donut and drink, and we got White Hot Chocolate. I think I will be taking more trips to Limerick.

Check out Funky Donuts here.


BANG BANG he shot me down….

This is my first Halloween look for 2015!  I done this gangster clown inspired by the one and only Chrisspy!

If you dont know who she is, look her up on youtube, RIGHT NOW!!! She is one of my favourite MUAs out there. I fell in love with this look when I first seen it! Products used are items you would already have in your makeup bag- So give it a go 🙂

12072691_595545477250413_741081614179345435_n          12106030_891536310901448_1528732378_n

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Suitcase Tips!!


Hey guys!

So I am off to Tenerife tomorrow and I am so excited.. I have been picking up some holiday bits the last few weeks (mostly from penny’s) because lets face it you cant beat penny’s!! But I did not realize how much stuff I actually bought till now.. Of course I had a few bits already but who doesn’t love bringing new bits on holidays.

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