Make up Brush Cleaning Time!

Cleaning make up brushes has been hated since my make up loving existence. My main problem with cleaning my brushes is that my fingers turn into prunes. Anyway, I am going to show you how I clean my make up brushes.

Cleaning your makeup brushes is SO important! Your brushes can last years if you treat them correctly, Ive had some of these brushes 5 years now and they are still as good as new.Its hard to believe how much bacteria collects up in your brushes, than that goes onto your face. Which than that of causes spots and unwanted bacteria on your face. So how often should you clean your make up brushes? I think once a week is ideal. You will need a gentle cleanser and you can also get a professional brush spray to use daily if you’d like to use in between your deep clean, this will ensure you’re getting rid of any bacteria gathered in your brushes.

Heres a step by step guide to making your brushes looking as good as new. You can buy make up brush cleaner i.e Mac Brush Cleaner but if you dont want to break the bank than all you need is baby shampoo.

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The Brush Egg

Let me make something clear: I hate cleaning my make up brushes. Honestly, Ill find every and any excuse not to do it! I came across the Brush Egg on the internet so I ordered it on Ebay for about €1.50 here. This is the best tool I have discovered for cleaning make up brushes. Say goodbye to the days you spend ages over the sink..

What it does is it has various ridges that you run your brushes across when you wash them and it gets rid of more dirt and old make up-y gunk that often still sits in between the fibres. Its very easy to use. Theres a small open part you can place your fingers inside so its less hassle.I wash my make up brushes in the sink with Johnsons baby shampoo (But I wont go into detail with that as that post is coming soon!) You use the bigger ridges for your bigger brushes (i.e Foundation, blush etc) and the smaller round ridges for your smaller brushes (i.e eyeshadow, eyeliner etc).

DSCF1370 DSCF1368

I highly recommend purchasing one as it makes cleaning make up brushes so much easier and faster! **Currently doing my happy dance**