Get your fishnets on

Fishnets are the trend for this season.

This trend has quite the modern chic feeling to it. It’s quite a tricky piece to style as you could get it completely wrong!  It’s not a trend for everyone but I love it! Here is a few images that will help you style them if you are like me and want to master this trend.

Seeing this on blogger Dominique Nugent (Love Fashion and Fros) instagram just set me off to love this style!


College Fashion!

Its that time of year again! Now that colleges have started back I wanted a blog post on some inspirational outfits!

Its so hard to find nice stylish clothes but with comfort also! Lately I am loving jeans and tshirts, shirts and dressy tops. I am wearing these with runners and coming into Autumn/winter boots and jackets can style them up! I love how with a normal outfit like them that anyone can wear it,funk it up with your own style and twist on it!

Pictures from Pinterest:

#fall #fashion / striped knit:  I love layers and open button down shirts:  Street style.:  #street #style / red scarf + leather:

ON Street Style:  fashion-week-russia-spring-2016-street-style-09:



Bits I am loving from Boohoo that would be ideal:

Phoebe Guns N Roses License T-shirt
Top here €19



Amy Fringe Trim Block Heel Chelsea Boot
Boots Here €34





Lara True Blue High Rise Tube Jeans
Jeans Here €34




Lily Choker Detail Turn Up Cuff Jumper
Jumper Here €27
Isabella Turn Up Cuff Duster Coat
Jacket Here €27



Bits I love from Pretty Little Things that would be ideal:

Bailey Rose Padded Longline Bomber
Jacket Here €56


Resi Mustard Roll Neck Long Sleeve Crop Jumper
Jumper Here €21


Harlie Camel Ribbed High Waisted Leggings
Leggings Here €14



Yamkah Cream PU Backpack
Bag Here €25.20


Tyra Grey Faux Suede Lace Up Pumps
Shoes Here €25.20
Basic Mustard Side Split T-Shirt
Top Here €14
Isla Dusty Pink Floral Embroidered Shirt Dress
Shirt Here €35

Body Confidence!

While my blog focus on fashion and beauty, I want to just take a moment and do a different style of post about something that is a major issue lately which is Body Confidence.


What is body confidence and why all of a sudden has it become a major issue? I think its sad how we live in a world where the people who are our role models are photoshopped and airbrushed.You will never look like the girl in those pictures, The girl in the pictures doesn’t even look like the girl in the pictures!!

Growing up I didn’t have much access to the internet as phones back then just had google not like now where you have apps such as Instagram and Snapchat. When I was a teenager we only had a site called Bebo. So growing up we didn’t see what every young person is seeing now.

Todays generation lack confidence, theres always something they don’t like about themselves. I think most of us are scared of being judged because theres people out there who judge! This is a miserable way to live! If someone would focus on what they do like about someone, point out what was good about the person … What a different, happier and more positive life we would have. We need to ignore everyone and just do it for ourselves. Don’t not wear the amazing outfit because you don’t feel confident in it,  You only live once, Wear it and be proud of who you are, accept your own body shape and be confident!

The fact a size 0 model still exists and seeing images on magazine covers is making a lot of people go on diets and making them check the scales more than once a day and over do it which isn’t right! Go on a diet for yourself not for someone else!!Body confidence isn’t about numbers on scales or clothing sizes! I realize now that everyone has flaws – Even the most prettiest models have flaws. Us woman tend to over look the amazing things about our bodies and focus on the negative and what we see as flaws. Everyone cant look the same, the world would be boring otherwise. Don’t imagine yourself looking like Kylie Jenner or someone like that because that’s not you! Instead of looking at those looks and figures that would be unachievable (airbrush) we need to spend time to appreciate our own beauty and make the most of it. Just be confident in yourself! And learn to love your body.              Imagine if we obsessed about the things we love about ourselves?


Nailed It!

Happy Sunday! So I went and got my gel nails done this week after not having them on since around Christmas…and that was hard for me as I was very fond of my gel nails buuut THEY ARE BACK!! 

I am great for having ideas when I go in I more than likely know what I want…but me being me when I see all colour wheels I cannot decide and end up going for something different!! I decided to just go in and get the idea in my head and not even peak at whats on the colour wheel.. I am doing a blog post about gel nails and a few pictures or who I look up to get inspiration.. Because when I cannot decide I am scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram for ideas, I am creative and dont mind what colours end up on my fingers.


I do like mine pointed but I could change around to Coffin or Rounded shape. I do also like them longish but it does make things awkward like taking coins out of the till or opening up a can.. but they are they things us girls go through for nice nails 🙂 Anyone else feel my pain? But being a hairdresser what I also hate is if i dont have gel nails and have normal polish on it just chips and could end up in someones hair (could happen if not wearing gloves..) and I hate the look of chipped nail polish so having your nails done just makes life so much easier!

My favourite so far was definitely the nude/pink colour. That colour just goes so well with everything and if you want to change up from a plain colour, you cannot go wrong with glitter!

Some pages I look at for inspiration on Instagram is:

For pictures I go onto Pinterest and you will find loads!


Let me know below where you get your nail inspiration from 🙂


Hair Style It!


Do something cool and different with your hair!

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My New Favourite Brushes!

Hi dolls,

So for Christmas I wanted a good makeup brush set. I have a good few brushes dear and cheap but since I am wanting to become a makeup artist I wanted a nice set. I was eyeing up the Blank Canvas 21piece set and I was gifted these for Christmas. I think the are my favourite brushes aside from the fact there Irish their brushes are a high standard and very affordable!


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Follow On Snapchat!


Hi Guys,

I havnt been blogging the last while as I have been so busy with work and everything around the Christmas Period, Now that its all over I am here to get back into it! I am feeling sick the last few days (Always am around Christmas)  so todays post will be short. But lately I have seen other bloggers posting about there favourite Snapchatters and I think this is a great way to find new people to follow!

Add me!!

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Favourites from Glitz n’ Pieces

Hi Guys,

Todays blog post is about Glitz n’ Pieces. Glitz n’ Pieces is an Irish brand which was launched in November 2013. This brand was started by two friends and buisness partners Ellen and Grace. There online buisness sells a range of womens accessories (rings, bracelets, necklaces), hats and scarfs, bikinis and a few more bits. There website is here where there products can be viewed and purchased online with also FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.

glitz     ElrF-QfQ_400x400

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Crushin’ on Sarah Ashcroft!

This months favourite blogger/youtuber is British girl Sarah Ashcroft aka That Pommie Girl who is a gorgeous fashion blogger. I have been following Sarah for about 2 years now and l am obsessing over everything from her clothes, makeup, hair and her shoe collection!

FC6A6148 copy 11255087_385481618309437_1578891531_n 12080606_547177355447526_1837545424_n   CRJG3USUAAEciIX 11203372_1622995537979292_385633070_n   11925703_123514281342076_934362562_n

Her outfits are perfectly put together, co-ordinated well but with an edgy twist. She is a self-confessed shopaholic and loves blogging because it’s the perfect opportunity to “show off my clothes that hardly ever see the light of day“. This girl can never do wrong shes fabulous! She is my blogging goal can I just be her already!

Check her out on Instagram  Blog   Youtube

Snapchat: sarah_ashcroft

BANG BANG he shot me down….

This is my first Halloween look for 2015!  I done this gangster clown inspired by the one and only Chrisspy!

If you dont know who she is, look her up on youtube, RIGHT NOW!!! She is one of my favourite MUAs out there. I fell in love with this look when I first seen it! Products used are items you would already have in your makeup bag- So give it a go 🙂

12072691_595545477250413_741081614179345435_n          12106030_891536310901448_1528732378_n

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