BANG BANG he shot me down….

This is my first Halloween look for 2015!  I done this gangster clown inspired by the one and only Chrisspy!

If you dont know who she is, look her up on youtube, RIGHT NOW!!! She is one of my favourite MUAs out there. I fell in love with this look when I first seen it! Products used are items you would already have in your makeup bag- So give it a go 🙂

12072691_595545477250413_741081614179345435_n          12106030_891536310901448_1528732378_n

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My Favourite Youtubers/Bloggers!

This months favourite blogger is another Irish beauty blogger,Youtuber and MUA to add to the list! and its none other than Grace Mongey, Known as Faces By Grace.


11846654_900658956670801_458456396615986850_n             1607059_877546142315416_3303740229531627542_n

I have been following Grace for over a year now but I just love her. If you have her on snapchat (facesbygrace23) she will keep you entertained for the day with her snapchats of food and her cat Sasha. She posts daily about her weight loss journey, her gym workouts, little tips and tricks for makeup application,skincare. Not only does she do these things but she is very open with how she struggled with anxiety and depression, I admire her for that! I met Grace at So Sue Mes waterford workshop (going mad I never got a picture!!)  but she looks amazing and just genuienly a lovely, down to earth person. She works for bare Minerals and also does freelance.

Check her out, Graces social media details:

Snapchat: Facesbygrace23

Instagram: Facesbygrace23

Facebook: Facesbygrace23

Youtube: Facesbygrace23

Website: facebygrace

Make Up Revolution Palettes Review

The last things I needed i my life was more eyeshadow palettesBut a girl can never have enough!  I cant believe how late I was to try this brand. Trying something from them has been so overdue! I came across a small stand in a shop on holidays with these palettes on them and I was delighted. I have to say these palettes are so gorgeous! Im afraid to start using them because I want to keep them in perfect condition.

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Makeup Revolution!

My Makeup Revolution palettes that I haven’t used yet and I bought them on holidays (Which is over a month ago) To be honest I kinda forgot about them! Today I played around with them and after using them I am extremely impressed with these considering how much they are, so affordable! There full of nudes, bright and sparkles and mattes, What more do you want! This make up can be bought online here.

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Fluff Balls


Is it just me or anybody else obsessed with this fluff trend?
I am loving the fluffy accessories SO MUCH!! I got the cream fluff ball in River Island a while back for around €10. I went into Pennys/Primark last week and picked up this wine fluff ball for as little as €3!

Lyanne 💖x

Contouring is out!?

People have been contouring there face for quite some while now thanks to Kim Kardashian – West but it is so yesterday now! However “strobing” is the now thing this summer.

Makeup1-800x400 (1)

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Suitcase Tips!!


Hey guys!

So I am off to Tenerife tomorrow and I am so excited.. I have been picking up some holiday bits the last few weeks (mostly from penny’s) because lets face it you cant beat penny’s!! But I did not realize how much stuff I actually bought till now.. Of course I had a few bits already but who doesn’t love bringing new bits on holidays.

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The Liebster Award


Firstly thank you to the lovely Hanne from Collywobbles who nominated me. Before being nominated I hadn’t really heard anything about this award, but basically it is an award that only another blogger can give you. It is for new bloggers to help them get noticed and as a sort of welcome to the world of blogging. And also I know its lovely to get recognised but its great for my readers to find out a little more about me. Sooo here we go 🙂

These are the rules:
1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
2. Answer the 10 questions given to you by the nominator.
3. Nominate other bloggers for the award that have fewer than 200 followers.
4. Create 10 questions (or less) for your nominees to answer.
5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.
1) Why did you start a blog?
I had been following other peoples blogs and youtubers and got obsessed with the likes of Zoella, Carli Bybel and Nicole Guerriero. I loved how they thought me new things and I wanted to do the same! I only started off this year was so nervous  about doing it and still am.. I enjoy doing it alot and glad I started!
2) What is your favourite film or tv series?
My favourite tv series would have to be pretty little liars. At the moment im waiting for the new series…. HURRY UP. And if you are like me your prob fed up of this question and need to know the answer, Who is A????
3) Who is your favourite singer?
It would have to be Ed Sheeran. Who doesnt love this man! there is not one song from him that isnt great.
4) Who is the last person you texted?
The last person I text would be my boyfriend
5) Who inspires you and why?
My mam would inspire me big time. She has inspired me in many ways. She has done so much for me throughtout my life so far and I know she will still do it! She is very hardworking and always puts others before herself. I really could keep going with this…
6) What is your best memory and why?
My best memory is of when I was younger my whole family and nanny going to St.Mullins having our picnics and walks. And theres a big hill there so running to the the top and rolling down was the highlight of the day, I still go up there and its just a nice place to be.
7) What is your favourite pair of shoes? 
My favourite shoes would have to be my plain black heeled boots I got in pennys for about €20. They are so comfy and love wearing them with dresses to funky them up abit. And a black shoe goes with nearly everything (except navy…)
8) What is the app most used on your phone?
Oh I dont even need to think of this…. INSTAGRAM!! I love instagram if im not posting im creeping through hair and make up pictures. Its great for following bloggers, quick and easy way of posting a picture. Its handy for after I post a blog post I would put up a little picture referring to the post.
9) What has been the best trip of your life?
The best trip of my life would have to be PARIS! The place is amazing. I went for 4 days and will deffiantly go back there, I would live there if I could!
10) Do you have any favorite brands?
My favourite brands that I always stick to are Mac for make up, Pennys (Primark) for clothes and Schwarzkopf or Wella for hair.
11) Any funny facts about yourself?
I love singing when im getting ready but not only that I like to dance aswell. No matter what song it is I give it my all!! No alcohol needed..

Okay so now for the blogs I am nominating! We have:

  1. Cuddles and Contouring
  2. Golden Chapter
  3. Amy in Wonderland
  4. Fashion Dreaming
  5. Ella Glazer

Okay so now the questions for these lovely bloggers to answer:

  1. What inspired you to start blogging?
  2. Name 3 beauty products you could not live without?
  3. Your favourite quote?
  4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
  5. What are the most used apps on your phone?
  6. Any advice for new bloggers starting up?
  7. What is the last thing you bought?
  8. How long does it take you to get ready for a night out?
  9. Whats your favourite product?
  10. Describe yourself in 5 words?

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The Chop 💇

So a very big blogger in Ireland has decided to get the chop! A good few people lately seem to be getting it and it’s making me want to go back to it again but I’ve been letting it grow out the last year 🙈 what to do! But blogger Suzanne Jackson known as SoSueMe decided to go for after years of having long hair!



I have to say I LOVE IT! This hairstyle is amazing. It takes quicker to dry which is always the pain! And it’s great as it’s not to short it’s the perfect Length really can be worn straight or curly but I think this length is lovely worn the way she has it 😍😍

Lyanne 💖x