Caring for your lips this Winter!

London Beauty Queen: Dr PawPaw Original Balm: A Soothing Skincare Must-Have:  Dr. PawPaw Peachy Pink Balm Review:  During a recent intense Instagram-scrolling session, I came across a picture of a beauty product. Surprise! It looked like every makeup artist’s and cool girl’s favorite Australian-made balm, but with a red tint: It was Dr. Pawpaw Tinted Ultimate...:

The cold weather is now here and we know that brings out the dry lips! I suffer from this every year.. Here are a few steps to help prevent it:

  • A gentle exfoliation once a week to help shed off any dry skin on lips. Your lips cant stay healthy with all that dry skin on them. I bought a soft toothbrush just for this and I run it across my lips in circular motions or what else I love is LUSH bubblegum lip scrub. I heard of some home remedies for lip scrub such as honey & olive oil & brown sugar but have never tried it out.
  • Moisturise your lips every night before going to bed to hydrate the lips to make them soft and kissable!
  • This tip is the one I find hard not to do… when your lips feel dry we automatically tend to lick our lips in order to moisten them.. In fact when the saliva evaporates from the surface of the lips, it takes the skins moisture with it, causing the lips to become even drier! I tend to always lick my lips but will have to stop to help me prevent chapped lips.
  • Wearing a lipstick or lipgloss when outside protects your lips from harsh weather. For days where I don’t wear lipstick/lipgloss I always use Dr.PawPaw balms!


DIY Lip Scrubs (That are Sweet enough to Eat!) –

  1. Sugar , Coconut Oil & Honey
  2. Sugar , Honey , Olive Oil , Rasberry Extract & Pink Food Colouring  (Copycat – Bubblegum Lush Scrub)
  3. Brown Sugar ,  Honey & Olive Oil
  4. Sugar , Coconut Oil & Lime Juice
  5. Brown Sugar , Shea Butter , Walnut Oil & Cocoa Powder
  6. Brown Sugar , Honey , Almond Oil & Peppermint Oil

These are awesome and no need to wash off as the ingredients can be consumed as well :):   LipScrub:

If anyone has any other DIY remedies or some tips please let me know 🙂


Hair for your Halloween Costume!

Halloween is just around the corner and if your like me and Halloween is your favourite holiday than you tend to go all out on your costume!

Todays post is all about the best hair products for your Halloween look. Halloween hair can be the reason why your costume stands out! If you’re looking to temporarily colour your hair, add a frightening amount of volume, or keep your hair in place, then this post is just for you! Keep scrolling to see to see what needs to be achieved to perfect your Killer hairstyle!

  • Temporary Hair Colour: I know Crazy colours are quite a “no no” in some jobs but that’s why having temporary Hair colouring is great because when shampooed it washes out!

Hair chalk is the perfect way to add temporary colour to strands of your hair.If your hair is dark, wet your hair in the areas that you want to colour. If you have lighter strands (that’s you, blondies!), skip this step or else the colour will remain for a few more washes. Strand by strand run the calk up and down your hair until you’ve reached your desired colour.

Hair colour spray works perfectly on dry hair and comes in the prettiest of colours. It also washes out after one shampoo so don’t worry about scaring your coworkers when you return to work!

  • Wigs: For costumes that the hair plays the major part in, think Ariel, Cleopatra.  Cruella De Vil, rather than changing the whole colour of your hair a wig is best off for those kind of looks. If you really wanting to keep the wig in place and make sure nothing goes away, a wig cap is the best for helping to style your look.
  • Accessories: Compared to years ago, there are so many fun ways to accessorize your hair using items like plastic spiders and spider webs. Hairbands or chains are another great way to dress up an outfit!
  • Extra hold Hairspray: If your costume requires amazing big hair, Extra hold hairspray will be your Best Friend!  This will keep your hair in place for the whole day and night! Schwarzkopf Silhouette hairspray is the best!
  • Glitter: In my opinion all costumes can be made better with a hint of sparkle! If your looking to add that sparkle to your costume there is either loose glitter or hairspray glitter.
  • Hidden Props: Are you wanting to be a character that’s hair goes to a new level of height? First think of what you can use in your hair before backing coming your hair for dear life!! To achieve a Unicorn look you can use tin foil to shape the horn and than once sliped into place all that’s left is to wrap the hair around to cover the foil! .

A great site to buy off of is Party World. This shop is in Waterford but also delivers  around Republic of Ireland. Here is some of the hair items:

Hair Colour Pink Blue Hairspray Long Curly Wig RedPocahontas Wig







Evil Madame WigBlack Charlestown Headband








Pinterest Ideas:

So now I am curious, who are you planning to be for Halloween or what was your best costume ever?


Glove Your Body


Hello Everybody,

A few weeks ago I attended the Deise Blogger Event and Glove Your Body was one of the brands that had sponsored the goodie! We were lucky as Glove your body kindly gifted us the trio pack; Glove Your Body Dual Tanning Mitt, Scrub Your Body Exfoliation Mitt and The Scrub Your Body Dual Cleansing Pad. I couldn’t wait to use these and tell you my verdict!

Glove your body is an Irish company and have come up with these amazing ideas! The company itself was set up by the fabulous Valerie Brown.


Image result for glove your body

I love fake tan, to be honest I think most Irish people do (milk bottles)! And fake tanning is the best and healthiest option for our skin but when coming from a bottle it does have its downsides; streakiness, dry patches and stained areas mostly hand or even underarms! These products seem like they could help with these issues making fake tanning so much of an easier process!




                                      Scrub Your Body Dual Facial Cleansing and Exfoliating Pad

Image result for glove your body

This is a genius product the Dual Cleansing Mitt was designed with a dual option which has 2 sides allowing us to exfoliate and cleanse without having to use cleansing wipes, cloths or cotton pads. It is made of a muslin cloth which cleanses your skin and removes traces of make-up, oil and dirt. The muslin cloth side was so soft on my skin , there was no reddness or irritation left on my skin. The handle which can be switched over to the opposite side is great as it holds the pad on your hand and prevents it from slipping off. I thought it would happen when swiping across my face but no, it stayed in place!

This cleansing pad can be used with all types of cleansing gels or lotions. I have tried both a gel and Micellar Water and was amazed with the pad. For more stubborn or even waterproof makeup use a cleansing product. Also perfect for getting tan off around your neck area.This machine is machine washable!  This product is He and well worth it! It really is a multi purpose product.


Scrub Your Body Exfoliating Mitt

Image result for glove your body

Scrub Your Body Exfoliation Mitt is another gem of a product! Exfoliation is key when it comes to tanning! It removes dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth and prepped for application. Its most important to exfoliate knees and elbows to prevent your tan looking dry. This mitt was designed to eliminate old tan and dead skin cells quickly and leaving your skin looking radiant, smooth and ready for moisturiser or even further tan application.This scrub mitt can be used prior to tan application which will reduce the possibility of an uneven tan and streaks.

The mitt is more like a glove its easier for the process. I noticed that once this glove was immersed in water it did shrink which gives it that coarse feel which activates the exfoliator into a scrub.The mitt does the job itself you don’t need any creams or scrub. This can also be washed to reuse so it will last forever. It is perfect for removing stubborn, uneven and patchy fake tan that wont wear off easy. This exfoliation  that has changed my life costs €9.99.

                                          Glove Your Body Tanning Mitt

Image result for glove your body

The Dual Tanning Mitt feels amazing on the skin because of the soft fabric its made with. This mitt makes tanning a lot quicker and easier as the tan will just glide on with no effort at all! It also means you don’t get stained hands ( OH YEAH!!) I have always used ordinary tanning mitts and lets be honest they are crap and prone to tearing! They also slip and slide everywhere. This tanning mitt is going to be a lifesaver!! There are finger sockets inside the mitt to allow easy application and the glove will not side off your hands. What makes this amazing is it can also be machine washed meaning it will last you ages! Mine has been through numerous gentle washes and still comes out looking brand new! The bag the glove comes in is a handy travel bag, it can be resealed and has a little handle, which is a great idea as I hate when traveling your always worried if it will come out and destroy your clothes!

The tanning mitt itself although bulkier than the normal mitts you pick up in the pharmacy is really easy to use. The glove is suitable for right or left hand users, this is a big deal. The mitt looks lovely (Its leopard print, which I love!) and it is also warm, we all know that feeling when your standing naked in the room freezing your butt off!  It was very easy to use and I used a tanning lotion and went on easy and smoothly, the result was lovely. I have not been able to put this down, I want to wear tan the whole time now! This costs €14.99 which is well worth it as it reusable. If you think of how much you pay for the useless mitts!

The mitt has some unique features:

  • Finger sockets inside the mitt – stops any slipping around or off the hand.
  • Streak Free application
  • Works with self tan, bronzers and tinted moisturisers
  • Suitable for left and right handed people
  • Machine washable
  • Luxury fabric – Baby soft feel to the skin
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Has own Travel bag.


I am so happy with these products and cant recommend them enough! Head over to here ,    you can actually get all three in a trio pack for €25 which is a bargain! you save yourself €10! The trio pack is perfect all you ladies (or men) that self tan often !

Have you tried any of the Glove Your Body items?




Body Confidence!

While my blog focus on fashion and beauty, I want to just take a moment and do a different style of post about something that is a major issue lately which is Body Confidence.


What is body confidence and why all of a sudden has it become a major issue? I think its sad how we live in a world where the people who are our role models are photoshopped and airbrushed.You will never look like the girl in those pictures, The girl in the pictures doesn’t even look like the girl in the pictures!!

Growing up I didn’t have much access to the internet as phones back then just had google not like now where you have apps such as Instagram and Snapchat. When I was a teenager we only had a site called Bebo. So growing up we didn’t see what every young person is seeing now.

Todays generation lack confidence, theres always something they don’t like about themselves. I think most of us are scared of being judged because theres people out there who judge! This is a miserable way to live! If someone would focus on what they do like about someone, point out what was good about the person … What a different, happier and more positive life we would have. We need to ignore everyone and just do it for ourselves. Don’t not wear the amazing outfit because you don’t feel confident in it,  You only live once, Wear it and be proud of who you are, accept your own body shape and be confident!

The fact a size 0 model still exists and seeing images on magazine covers is making a lot of people go on diets and making them check the scales more than once a day and over do it which isn’t right! Go on a diet for yourself not for someone else!!Body confidence isn’t about numbers on scales or clothing sizes! I realize now that everyone has flaws – Even the most prettiest models have flaws. Us woman tend to over look the amazing things about our bodies and focus on the negative and what we see as flaws. Everyone cant look the same, the world would be boring otherwise. Don’t imagine yourself looking like Kylie Jenner or someone like that because that’s not you! Instead of looking at those looks and figures that would be unachievable (airbrush) we need to spend time to appreciate our own beauty and make the most of it. Just be confident in yourself! And learn to love your body.              Imagine if we obsessed about the things we love about ourselves?


First Impressions #DeiseBloggerEvent

Recently I went to a deise blogger event (waterford blogger) and received amazing goodie bags! There is just so much stuff in them I haven’t even used half of them! I didnt want to quickly use them and just throw up a review I really want to take in everything into consideration. I will be doing a proper blog post on the items and brands in the coming week or so, keep an eye out for that! Here is a first impression on some of the stuff I was excited to get and have used:


Fabuloss tea:

I drink green tea a lot in work during the day anyway but I wanted to give this detox tea a go just because it increases energy and reduces appetite (which I need both!). The day tea contains natural herbs, nettle, fennel and hawthorn.  The night tea contains senna leaves and lemon grass. I have been using it the last 2 days and see a reduce in my appetite but energy wise not yet but it is still early days! Will do a blog post when finished!


Morning Boost: Make one cup in the morning using one tea bag ed for per cup. Pour freshly boiled water and brew for 5 minutes before drinking. Drink one cup per day for up to 14 days.

Night Cleanse: Make one cup before bedtime using one tea bag per cup. Pour on freshly boiled water and brew for 5 minutes before drinking. Drink one cup per every second day for no more than 7 consecutive

Beverly Hills Perfect White:

We got the gold version in our goodie bags! I use the black version of this toothpaste and the mouth wash and find these amazing, I love them and can’t see myself using any other brand. I haven’t used this yet want to use up the other as it’s nearly gone but can’t wait to see how this goes 😊


Artdeco Most Wanted Contour Palette:

This amazing palette is launching in September but you can get a sneak peak next week with a full blog post and maybe even a snapchat makeup look using it 😋 I received the cool shade it also comes in warm which is darker! These will retail at €37.50, it is well worth it as the pigment is amazing! This will be used regularly, no doubt!


Sleek Eye and Cheek Palette:

This palette is called “Dancing till Dusk”. A palette for creating natural looks. All sleek products have such amazing quality! Sleek are without a doubt one of my top drugstore brands and they never disappoint in there quality.  I used this and love the colours, i used the orange blush colour as a transition shade on my eyes, the lessed used will be the pink!



Karora Express Bronzing Mousse:

I am so fussy when it comes to tan as I hate when being washed off it fades off horribly! I have just applied this tonight so will have to wait to do proper blog post but I found it so easy to apply and my skin feels hydrated after it. This tan still develops even when showered off which is AMAZING! It hydrates as it tans because of its ingredients; jojoba, argan, bergament, aloe Vera and rosemary. Ladies such as Pippa OConnor, Just Jordan, Becca Lawson used this tan and that is where I heard of it. I heard great reviews about this tan so cannot wait to use the other products from this brand!



Glove Your Body:

This range has great reviews, I was delighted when I seen these in the goodie bags. We received the trio which was a tan application mitt, exfoliation mitt and facial cleansing and exfoliating mitt. I have only used the tanning mitt as I was so excited too use it. I used this to put my Karora tan on. There is little finger holders in the mitt for an extra grip and easy application. I don’t think I will be using any other mitt after using this as it was so soft and applied my tan amazingly. It can be washed after use and be reused which is amazing 😍 you need this!



Have you tried any of these products? If you have let me know what you thought 😀



4 signs you needs a new look


The internet went into meltdown again this week when we seen a picture of Kim Kardashian with her hair chopped into a blunt lob but matter of fact turns out the new look  – ITS A WIG!!

At this point I think if we see any Kardashian/Jenner change there hairstyle – Its not real..


A lot of people this year have gone for the chop and got a complete new hairstyle (Like you may know I myself got a few inches off my hair) But I got to say I have loved my hair since I got it done.

Here are questions to ask yourself that may help you make up your mind if it’s time for a change, and do you need a haircut…

* Did your hairstylist cut layers the last time you got your hair cut, and now your hair is nearing one length? It’s time for a trim at the very-least.

* Have you had the exact same length for the past five years, and to ensure your dead ends are gone, you only get a few cm chopped?

* Is your hair looking thinner? The longer fine hair grows, the thinner it looks. A shorter cut can give you the appearance of thicker, healthier hair.

* What sort of maintenance is involved in new style and can I handle it? Are you ready for high maintenance?

* What is the growing out process going to be like?

I know it seems silly to put so much thought into getting a haircut, but as anyone who has ever had a bad haircut knows, it’s best to really be sure about these things!

                                     Are you considering cutting your hair?

Any more questions, Let me know, and if you do get the chop Make sure you tag me in pictures 🙂


Healthy Summer Hair

Summer is nearly over but that doesn’t mean people are finished going on holidays! Or that Ireland might just get another few nice days in the month of August (Fingers Crossed). What can be better than warm sunny days, floral dresses and icy cold drinks?

That sounds amazing but summer brings a few challenges to our hair, Summer is hard on our hair! Summer heat can damage our hair, gives us oily scalps, make our hair lighter. But, fear not! I am here to your rescue and will share my amazing and simple summer hair tips! The heat and humitidy here has been hard so I thought now was the right time:

  • No Heat! First way of protecting your hair is avoid styling your hair with heat as much as possible. I know this could be a challenge for some people but there is a lot of heatless hairstyles ideas that can be done. If you find your hair will go frizzy than a serum is what your need.



  • Condition Condition Condition!! We see it to often, coloured hair that gets ruined and damaged from all the salt water and sun exposure.If you are going to be spending a long day in the sun than I would advise you to apply a conditioner  all over your hair when dry and leave it soak in. When you are home apply a treatment to your hair, a treatment can help revitalize and rehydrate your hair, bringing it back to life.


  • Cover it up! If your planning on being out in the sun for a good length of time consider wearing a hat or scarf to protect your hair and scalp. This also helps to keep coloured hair from fading and turning brassy.




  •  Chlorine Damage! If you spend a lot of time in the pool and find your hair goes green (yes that can happen!) than you need a clarifying shampoo to help remove the chlorine build up and stops it from going green. If your hair is dry it is like a sponge and would be 1 of the first to experience this!

Wella Professionals Pure Purifying Shampoo

  • Drink more water! We will never hear enough of this! This also does wonders to your hair aswell as body & mind. Water also hydrates your hair and scalp – Otherwise hydrate your hair inside out!


Let me know if you have used any of these tips or if you have any of your own!

Wishing you a very lovely summer and healthy beautiful hair!