Finding Yourself!

Hey everyone,

The start of the month I attended the wellness event “Align” hosted by Cliona, her Instagram name is  “clionaohanlonwellness”. I went to this event with the girls from work, being honest I didnt know what to expect but I enjoyed the day and the athmosphere in the room was incredible. There was a few times during the day I got emotional and was tearing up at some stages. Cliona is a special lady and has such a special gift! Watch out this lady is going to be everywhere in the future.

We were told to bring pen and paper but I was so interested during the day I wrote noting but I took home a lot of things that will help with my life aswell as others from this event. I would like to share  what I picked up on the day and I would be glad if it helped just once person!

I wasn’t going to write a blog post about this but I was in the car the other morning and heard on the radio that Ireland has the highest rate of suicide in young girls in the whole of the EU.. This is really upsetting but it also got me thinking about those that don’t talk about it all especially males, they don’t talk about things or feeling so bottle up everything to themselves.. We have to get people to speak and we have to listen! Sometimes we say we are fine, when in fact we are not! Your mental health should come first and do not let anyone tell you otherwise, taking time off is so important!

Everybody will suffer at some point in there life such things as a breakup, a death in the family, money problem, loss of job, something in life will come and try its best to put you down! I understand these surcumstances I have gone through these types of things but I have come out the other side quite well where some people don’t. The most important thing to try and do is try overcome it and make positive actions. A positive mindset is needed to be had towards these things that try beat you down but yes, I know as hard as it sounds, Positive action needs to be had to beat it! Far too many of us are living our lives in fear but at the end of the day, everything works out in the end and we will all have to cross that difficult bridge or crossroads when it comes to it.

Whatever it is you are going through even if it is pure hell, it will NOT last, remember there is more good times than bad, more love than hate, so no matter what your thinking at the moment everything will all change for the better just be patient and talking is that beginning of change. Even if it is just to a wall, get it all out there, out of your system!

A main problem to mental health issues is defiantly Social Media. We are all part of a big Social Media Bubble now a days.. Following big inluencers or celebritys gets you down and makes you feeling and thinking that you are not good enough. People show the best bits in life when things are never as they seem. Someone could look great, have an amazing house, always on holidays but gaurentee there is a million and one things going on in the background that we don’t know about! Growing up I remember coming home saying “oh so and so has this or that” to my mam and she would always turn around and say “Don’t compare yourself to others” and this has always stuck in my head and I never did! It doesn’t help you with your goals, if comparing is how you evaluate your worth, you will always be losing. Instead of trying to be as good or better than others, focus your energy on being the very best version of yourself!

The last update on the Iphones tells you how much screen time you have spent on your phone in a week. At the start I was like oh god but no it is a good thing because it actually breaks down what you actually use on your phone. About 85% of my time on my phone was social media! When I spotted this I made sure for myself to take a break from social media for a while in evenings and start reading or just lying down listening to music having abit of me time even having a pamper session! A major thing with mental health is about putting your mind to something else and more positive. This is like what I am doing and picking up a book, listening to more music, running or any active work. Anything to get your minds off things that bother you. Some times I find we can get caught up in our heads and overthink and worry about things before its even happened and putting yourself into a situation that may not happen or through the situation twice!


a movie quote, but I thought it went well with pushing myself while working out!Stop all those excuses and bust through those fears and get out of your own way!!


Ideas for practicing self care:

  • Physical – going for a walk, swim, play with a dog, take a bath, dance
  • Mental – no1 turn your phone off, read a book, start a DIY project, drawing, learn a new skill i.e photography
  • Emotional – Yoga, meditate, talk to a friend, start a journal
  • Drink plenty of water, green tea, light a candle and defuse essential oils!

The Stigma Behind Mental Illness
Your illness does not define you. Your strength and courage does.- - Unknown - Inspirational Mental Health Awareness Quotes #quotes #quote #happyquotes #postivequotes #inspirationalquotes

Quote on mental health: Take a shower, wash off the day. Drink a glass of water, Make the room dark. Lie down and close your eyes.Notice the silence.Notice your heart.Still beating. Still fighting.You made it, after all.You made it, another day.And you can make it one more. You're doing just fine - Charlotte Eriksson.

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