Jeremy Scott Documentary is Inspiring!

I just finished watching the Jeremy Scott documentary on Netflix and it is very good! He has worked with the likes of Rita Ora, Katy Perry, A$ap Rocky and miley Cyrus and has had Gigi Hadid model for him on the runway. But most of all he has taking over the Italian brand Moschino. He has turned sponge bob and even McDonald’s into a fashion statement! You can nearly say he’s a rebel in the fashion industry.

“I don’t speak Italian, but I do speak Moschino”


The documentary is very inspiring as Jeremy is one of a kind, different and a true creative man. He loved art and just didn’t want to wear clothes that were in fashion like everyone else did as they don’t want to stand out but he wasn’t afraid to do that! His school even wanted him to dress someway “Normal”

It’s a real eye opener for people these days to choose what makes you feel good, you are the one wearing it, why you should care what other people think?? fashion is for you to express yourself and for you to discover your own fashion personality and feel good about your appearance. How many times have you worn items because they are fashionable or because “so and so” is wearing them? When you choose these types of clothing your not thinking of your own style personality unless you put your own stamp on it rather than copying the outfit 100%. Social media can lead you to believe that you have to look a certain way, but you don’t!  We are all unique, so why would we all want to look the same! His clothes and style is not for everyone, I know but he wants to inspire you to be yourself! Don’t be afraid to express yourself! 

“Sometimes my work can be misunderstood, but I’m just trying to bring joy and a smile to people’s faces. My clothes aren’t for everyone to wear, perhaps, and I don’t expect everyone to. But hopefully you can still enjoy them.

I would give it a 10/10 and if you are into fashion I would recommend it.


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