Caring for your lips this Winter!

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The cold weather is now here and we know that brings out the dry lips! I suffer from this every year.. Here are a few steps to help prevent it:

  • A gentle exfoliation once a week to help shed off any dry skin on lips. Your lips cant stay healthy with all that dry skin on them. I bought a soft toothbrush just for this and I run it across my lips in circular motions or what else I love is LUSH bubblegum lip scrub. I heard of some home remedies for lip scrub such as honey & olive oil & brown sugar but have never tried it out.
  • Moisturise your lips every night before going to bed to hydrate the lips to make them soft and kissable!
  • This tip is the one I find hard not to do… when your lips feel dry we automatically tend to lick our lips in order to moisten them.. In fact when the saliva evaporates from the surface of the lips, it takes the skins moisture with it, causing the lips to become even drier! I tend to always lick my lips but will have to stop to help me prevent chapped lips.
  • Wearing a lipstick or lipgloss when outside protects your lips from harsh weather. For days where I don’t wear lipstick/lipgloss I always use Dr.PawPaw balms!


DIY Lip Scrubs (That are Sweet enough to Eat!) –

  1. Sugar , Coconut Oil & Honey
  2. Sugar , Honey , Olive Oil , Rasberry Extract & Pink Food Colouring  (Copycat – Bubblegum Lush Scrub)
  3. Brown Sugar ,  Honey & Olive Oil
  4. Sugar , Coconut Oil & Lime Juice
  5. Brown Sugar , Shea Butter , Walnut Oil & Cocoa Powder
  6. Brown Sugar , Honey , Almond Oil & Peppermint Oil

These are awesome and no need to wash off as the ingredients can be consumed as well :):   LipScrub:

If anyone has any other DIY remedies or some tips please let me know 🙂

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