Crazy about Donuts!!

Last week myself and my boyfriend took a trip to Limerick for a few days. We came across this cool donut & coffee shop! Now I couldn’t pass without getting a donut, I just love them!


Funky Donut & Co is located at 74 little Catherine Street. When I walked in I was just drooling over the donuts, there was such a selection such as; Rolo, Glazed,Homer Simpson & Cookie Monster. We went twice while we were there and I was very indecisive about which one to get in the end we choose Cookies & Cream, Oreo and Dime. My favourite was the Dime bar one! And if one donut doesn’t do, they have 4 for €10, 6 for €15 and 12 for €25. We went for the €5 which is 1 donut and drink, and we got White Hot Chocolate. I think I will be taking more trips to Limerick.

Check out Funky Donuts here.


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