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A few weeks ago I attended the Deise Blogger Event and Glove Your Body was one of the brands that had sponsored the goodie! We were lucky as Glove your body kindly gifted us the trio pack; Glove Your Body Dual Tanning Mitt, Scrub Your Body Exfoliation Mitt and The Scrub Your Body Dual Cleansing Pad. I couldn’t wait to use these and tell you my verdict!

Glove your body is an Irish company and have come up with these amazing ideas! The company itself was set up by the fabulous Valerie Brown.


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I love fake tan, to be honest I think most Irish people do (milk bottles)! And fake tanning is the best and healthiest option for our skin but when coming from a bottle it does have its downsides; streakiness, dry patches and stained areas mostly hand or even underarms! These products seem like they could help with these issues making fake tanning so much of an easier process!




                                      Scrub Your Body Dual Facial Cleansing and Exfoliating Pad

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This is a genius product the Dual Cleansing Mitt was designed with a dual option which has 2 sides allowing us to exfoliate and cleanse without having to use cleansing wipes, cloths or cotton pads. It is made of a muslin cloth which cleanses your skin and removes traces of make-up, oil and dirt. The muslin cloth side was so soft on my skin , there was no reddness or irritation left on my skin. The handle which can be switched over to the opposite side is great as it holds the pad on your hand and prevents it from slipping off. I thought it would happen when swiping across my face but no, it stayed in place!

This cleansing pad can be used with all types of cleansing gels or lotions. I have tried both a gel and Micellar Water and was amazed with the pad. For more stubborn or even waterproof makeup use a cleansing product. Also perfect for getting tan off around your neck area.This machine is machine washable!  This product is He and well worth it! It really is a multi purpose product.


Scrub Your Body Exfoliating Mitt

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Scrub Your Body Exfoliation Mitt is another gem of a product! Exfoliation is key when it comes to tanning! It removes dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth and prepped for application. Its most important to exfoliate knees and elbows to prevent your tan looking dry. This mitt was designed to eliminate old tan and dead skin cells quickly and leaving your skin looking radiant, smooth and ready for moisturiser or even further tan application.This scrub mitt can be used prior to tan application which will reduce the possibility of an uneven tan and streaks.

The mitt is more like a glove its easier for the process. I noticed that once this glove was immersed in water it did shrink which gives it that coarse feel which activates the exfoliator into a scrub.The mitt does the job itself you don’t need any creams or scrub. This can also be washed to reuse so it will last forever. It is perfect for removing stubborn, uneven and patchy fake tan that wont wear off easy. This exfoliation  that has changed my life costs €9.99.

                                          Glove Your Body Tanning Mitt

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The Dual Tanning Mitt feels amazing on the skin because of the soft fabric its made with. This mitt makes tanning a lot quicker and easier as the tan will just glide on with no effort at all! It also means you don’t get stained hands ( OH YEAH!!) I have always used ordinary tanning mitts and lets be honest they are crap and prone to tearing! They also slip and slide everywhere. This tanning mitt is going to be a lifesaver!! There are finger sockets inside the mitt to allow easy application and the glove will not side off your hands. What makes this amazing is it can also be machine washed meaning it will last you ages! Mine has been through numerous gentle washes and still comes out looking brand new! The bag the glove comes in is a handy travel bag, it can be resealed and has a little handle, which is a great idea as I hate when traveling your always worried if it will come out and destroy your clothes!

The tanning mitt itself although bulkier than the normal mitts you pick up in the pharmacy is really easy to use. The glove is suitable for right or left hand users, this is a big deal. The mitt looks lovely (Its leopard print, which I love!) and it is also warm, we all know that feeling when your standing naked in the room freezing your butt off!  It was very easy to use and I used a tanning lotion and went on easy and smoothly, the result was lovely. I have not been able to put this down, I want to wear tan the whole time now! This costs €14.99 which is well worth it as it reusable. If you think of how much you pay for the useless mitts!

The mitt has some unique features:

  • Finger sockets inside the mitt – stops any slipping around or off the hand.
  • Streak Free application
  • Works with self tan, bronzers and tinted moisturisers
  • Suitable for left and right handed people
  • Machine washable
  • Luxury fabric – Baby soft feel to the skin
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Has own Travel bag.


I am so happy with these products and cant recommend them enough! Head over to here ,    you can actually get all three in a trio pack for €25 which is a bargain! you save yourself €10! The trio pack is perfect all you ladies (or men) that self tan often !

Have you tried any of the Glove Your Body items?




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