Body Confidence!

While my blog focus on fashion and beauty, I want to just take a moment and do a different style of post about something that is a major issue lately which is Body Confidence.


What is body confidence and why all of a sudden has it become a major issue? I think its sad how we live in a world where the people who are our role models are photoshopped and airbrushed.You will never look like the girl in those pictures, The girl in the pictures doesn’t even look like the girl in the pictures!!

Growing up I didn’t have much access to the internet as phones back then just had google not like now where you have apps such as Instagram and Snapchat. When I was a teenager we only had a site called Bebo. So growing up we didn’t see what every young person is seeing now.

Todays generation lack confidence, theres always something they don’t like about themselves. I think most of us are scared of being judged because theres people out there who judge! This is a miserable way to live! If someone would focus on what they do like about someone, point out what was good about the person … What a different, happier and more positive life we would have. We need to ignore everyone and just do it for ourselves. Don’t not wear the amazing outfit because you don’t feel confident in it,  You only live once, Wear it and be proud of who you are, accept your own body shape and be confident!

The fact a size 0 model still exists and seeing images on magazine covers is making a lot of people go on diets and making them check the scales more than once a day and over do it which isn’t right! Go on a diet for yourself not for someone else!!Body confidence isn’t about numbers on scales or clothing sizes! I realize now that everyone has flaws – Even the most prettiest models have flaws. Us woman tend to over look the amazing things about our bodies and focus on the negative and what we see as flaws. Everyone cant look the same, the world would be boring otherwise. Don’t imagine yourself looking like Kylie Jenner or someone like that because that’s not you! Instead of looking at those looks and figures that would be unachievable (airbrush) we need to spend time to appreciate our own beauty and make the most of it. Just be confident in yourself! And learn to love your body.              Imagine if we obsessed about the things we love about ourselves?


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