Nailed It!

Happy Sunday! So I went and got my gel nails done this week after not having them on since around Christmas…and that was hard for me as I was very fond of my gel nails buuut THEY ARE BACK!! 

I am great for having ideas when I go in I more than likely know what I want…but me being me when I see all colour wheels I cannot decide and end up going for something different!! I decided to just go in and get the idea in my head and not even peak at whats on the colour wheel.. I am doing a blog post about gel nails and a few pictures or who I look up to get inspiration.. Because when I cannot decide I am scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram for ideas, I am creative and dont mind what colours end up on my fingers.


I do like mine pointed but I could change around to Coffin or Rounded shape. I do also like them longish but it does make things awkward like taking coins out of the till or opening up a can.. but they are they things us girls go through for nice nails 🙂 Anyone else feel my pain? But being a hairdresser what I also hate is if i dont have gel nails and have normal polish on it just chips and could end up in someones hair (could happen if not wearing gloves..) and I hate the look of chipped nail polish so having your nails done just makes life so much easier!

My favourite so far was definitely the nude/pink colour. That colour just goes so well with everything and if you want to change up from a plain colour, you cannot go wrong with glitter!

Some pages I look at for inspiration on Instagram is:

For pictures I go onto Pinterest and you will find loads!


Let me know below where you get your nail inspiration from 🙂


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