Hair Style It!


Do something cool and different with your hair!


With a Twist

This is a modern ballerina bun and you can decide if you want it messy(not prim and proper) or the nice sleek ballerina bun. This is one of my favourite hairstyles for a classic look for any event. You can funky this up by putting your hair in a low ponytail, plait this (normal or fishtail) twist around and pin it in place.

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Sweet and Low

This hairstyle is so easy to create but this look can be done with sleeky straight hair, curly haired girls, the straightener will be out for that look! Or unless you want to keep to the messy low pony which also is amazing than you can, straight haired girls, take the curler out! To hide the gogo, take a small section of the ponytail and wrap around the gogo an clip into place like Rosie huntington-Whiteley in the first picture. Volumized or sleek, anyway goes.

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Braid It

Braids are big in this season..From dutch to fishtail to even cornrows!!  Totally funk this up with hair hoops Pennys/Primark €3 it gives a festival look to a hairstyle.  I am loving the 2 dutch braids – bringing back to being a kid. You can get 2 looks out of this because the next day you take them out your hair will be nice and wavy. I love the fact with braids they can be placed anywhere!!

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Bold Colour 

Want to be noticed from the crowd?? Well having a bold bright colour is going to make you do that! Kylie Jenner has really inspired many for changing up the colour of there hair. It comes out as playful and fun.  Also if you dont want to colour your whole hair you dont need to with this look. I am loving bold colours wish I was blonde, I would be every colour!! I am thinking of going the teal colour (2nd picture).


Half It

Half up hair can be one of he girliest hairstyles around but it can be made sexy. The half up top knot is such an effortless look and so easy to do. This look gets your hair out of your eyes without sacrificing length. Use the arch of your eyebrows as a guide point.

680bf2a2f5e783f766fd66e3b2243363             44b7b2be42a2638b5421d57f1773a913.jpg


This Months Hair Crush! 

My hair crush for this month is none other than Waterford MUA Diane Everett.. Diane has been blonde, peach, pink, and purple/pink! This girl is not afraid to stand out from the crowd, I love it! Her hair colour is just fab and she pulls it off so much. My favourite hairstyle has to be her Space Buns (Last picture on left hand side). This girl is also a very talented makeup artist- head over to her social medias to see more.


Facebook: here         Instagram: here      Snapchat: dianeeverettmua






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