Is It Worth The Hype??

I have been using MAC fluidline for years and when I heard many makeup artists rave about this product I had to get it!! Inglots AMC Gel Eyeliner in no.77 is seriously the BEST eyeliner ever.. This eyeliner comes in 17 shades all together, other colours such as White, Purple, Wine and Blue. The inglot site: click here

2702004    hjj

The eyeliner comes in a 5,5 pot which is way bigger than the MAC which will last you forever and your getting more product! The price for this is €15 and its so worth it. The consistency is smooth and creamy and will glide on. Inglots eyeliner gel is the blackest eyeliner on the market and I am not lying when I say it does not come off! This product is the master of pigmentation, its like paint! The high pigment provides an ideal coverage and rich colour just after one application.

How I get the eyeliner gel off as it is waterproof is by using an oily makeup remover and trust me its the only easy way.. This liner does not budge!! If your like me and sometimes get watery eyes, I am telling you this will last on your eyes and waterline and not move. It doesnt set too fast so you have time to perfect your liner  enough time to fix any mistakes but once its sets, it does not budge.

My favourite brush to use is Blank Canvas E30 which is an angled brush, but I would also use the Blank Canvas E39 which is a very fine liner brush. I would advise you to clean your brush straight after using it as the gel sets into it. Use a wipe to clean the brush to save yourself the trouble later.

e30              e39


When using this I take a small bit out with my brush and place the product on your brush on a piece of kitchen roll. The reason I do this is because the eyeliner dried up fast if you keep the lid off and this way the product is on the kitchen roll and just use it from there. If your gel does go all dried up dont forget about Inglots product Duraline for €12 which can revive ANY gel eyeliner and make it go back to the orginal consistency! But thats a blog post for another day!

                                                      Ladies you need this in your life!!


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