Do you wash your Hair Brushes?



All of us beauty addicts will religiously be washing our makeup brushes each week (mostly always a Sunday for me!) because by now, we all know the importance of cleaning them. Cleaning your hairbrush, on the other hand, is an overlooked task… But it shouldnt be!

Most people brush their hair at least once a day, and that hairbrush is coming in contact with greasy hair follicles, dust particles and if your like me and use a lot of styling products while blowdrying or straightening your hair it all builds up on the brush used. Just think of it this way… if your brushing your freshly washed hair with a hairbrush that has been collecting dirt and dust for weeks!, not only will a clean hairbrush keep your hair clean longer, but it will also make the life of your brush last longer. The process is quick and easy, so aim to give your brush a bath about every other week.Washing them is a lot easier than our makeup brushes and they only need to be done once a month. You will also find that you will get better results from your brush


1. Remove any hair thats caught on the bristles with  a stiff brush or ideally a comb to remove as much of the old hair that is trapped in the bristles as you can. When you remove all the hair you will see the baked on product on the brush barrel. (If your brush has collected a awful amount of hair, you can take a scissors and cut the hair down the middle. Just be careful not to cut any bristles! This will make removing the hair a bit easier.)

2.  Fill your sink up with warm water and add a few drops of  shampoo.(They are more stronger than your makeup brushes and you will need hot water to give them a good clean.) If your brush is plastic, soak it for about three minutes. If your brush has a fabric cushion head, do not submerge it in the water. Instead, dip it in the water a few times. You can add some anti-bacterial hand wash too if you like as this will really strips off the everything attached to the brush (Does a better job!)

3. Before taking them out use an old tooth brush if you have one, to really deep clean around the bristles. If they are natural hairs it’s best just to massage around the bristles as to not cause any damage to them. Than give the brush one final rinse in lukewarm water.

4. To dry the brush, first towel dry it off than lay it flat with the bristles end on a towel. The excess water can drip out and wont get trapped in the base and your hair brush will be good as new in the morning! If you cant wait till than… a quick blast of the hairdryer will speed up the process.

**You now have sparkling clean brushes**


Go on, give them a little pampering next time you are doing your makeup brushes! They will thank you and give you lovely hair in return :)




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