My New Favourite Brushes!

Hi dolls,

So for Christmas I wanted a good makeup brush set. I have a good few brushes dear and cheap but since I am wanting to become a makeup artist I wanted a nice set. I was eyeing up the Blank Canvas 21piece set and I was gifted these for Christmas. I think the are my favourite brushes aside from the fact there Irish their brushes are a high standard and very affordable!


There are obviously 21 brushes and there is everything you need for your face, eyes and lips. They’re soft to touch but they’re not too soft that you still have control and the product goes exactly where you want it. They are so easy to use and you definitely get a more accurate application with them. My eyeshadow looks more vibrant and goes on without any fall down. There was no hair loss on any of the brushes either and Ive been using them every day since I got them!

In this set I got:

F02 – Double ended painter style foundation brush
Can be used for foundation & concealer. Use in a patting motion to avoid streaking. Great with liquid or creams. I use this alot for concealer with the smaller side and buff & blend with bigger side. I would also use it for primer to. 

FO3 – Medium stipple brush/Highlight brush

This is a typical stippling brush, handy for liquid products or buffing over and finishing makeup with a powder. This is a very handy brush to have. 

F14 – Small contour

Love the shape, great for cheek work – blush, contour or highlighting. Could be used successsful for powder foundation.

F15 – Small tapered red bristles

This can also be used for cheek work. Because of its small tapered head it allows you to get right into the hollows of your cheekbones, temples & jawline. This brush is for sculpting, contouring, blending and highlighting the face. Powder products works best with this. I use this for setting my concealer and highlight. 

F16 – Large contour/powder brush

This is a similar shape to F15 but larger. I love it for contouring for a natural soft contour look rather than structured.  Its so handy when the point is there you can get in under the eyes and side of nose. 

F17 – Pointed Tip Concealer

This is a typical synthetic fibered concealer brush so handy to use. It also can be used for creams on the eyes

F20 – HD Flat brush

This is perfect for cream, liquid & powder products. I always use this brush to buff my foundation into my skin.My All Time Favourite!! This brush is the holy grail of foundation brushes. This flat top kabuki style brush is perfect for applying liquid or powder/mineral foundations. You will have a flawless finish every time giving you that HD effect to your makeup. The other beauty to this brush is you only need to apply a tiny amount of product as the brush blends the foundation so evenly onto your skin. I promise you won’t be disappointed! also comes in black bristles. Seen Sinead Cady- the makeup chair rave bout this before. This also comes in pink for all you girly girls!

F21 – HD angled contour face brush

This angled kabuki style brush defiantly for contouring but beautiful for foudation to. Its great these are synthetic as they dont suck up too much of the liquid. Also comes in a green colour.

F22 – HD round top face brush

This round top kabuki style brush is great for cream makeup like foundation and buffing any powders in place. Also comes in a pinky purple colour.

F25 – Large powder/bronzer brush

This super soft and fluffy brush will ensure flawless application of powders or bronzer all across the face, neck or chest.This is a Multi-Purpose brush  It can be used with powder/ liquid products. Also great for buffing out. Its nice to have a clean one to clean up any harsh lines. 

F30 – Sculpt brush

On first glance this brush would scare you.  It is huge and quite heavy.  It looks like a paint brush but with shorter bristles.  As soon as I realised the brush was for perfecting / creating symmetry I couldn’t wait to use it. I used the F30 for contouring as it gives a definite line of colour used in the hollows of your cheeks, jawline and bridge of the nose.  It can then be blended to avoid the crazy look and create softer sculpted cheekbones. I really liked this brush and use it every day for my contouring.  It can be used with cream or powder. 

E23 – Short pencil

Its a small rounded brush which is perfect for applying eyeshadow to the under eye and smoking out eyeliner or applying smokiness to the outer v of the eye. Also great for smudging shadow or creating a shape to your eye, creating smokey eye or softening harsh liner. I have one like this from crown brush but this one is way better! The pointed tip means I can really get into the lower lashes and smudge away without scratching that delicate under eye area. I’ve found that the pencil brushes I’ve tried are either too dense and don’t blend the product, are too scratchy and blend everything out too much.

E24 – Flat shader

These are great dupe for the MAC 239 . These brushes are great at picking up colour, powder or cream and they do what a flat shader brush should do – apply colour to my eyelids. Its super soft and applies eyeshadow to the eyelid perfectly with picking up enough product to give a fantastic effect. 

E25 – Round top blending brush

Fantastic brush for applying eyeshadow into the crease of the eye area. This is a dupe for Mac 225. The soft bristles have a gorgeous soft feeling and don’t irritate the eye area. Its round topped head allows for perfect blending of eyeshadow leaving no uneven edges.You can use this for the eyes or concealer. Great for blending along the crease line.

E26 – Blending brush

This is great for Eyeshadow application and precise blending. You can also use this for concealer. Its a dupe for Mac 217.

E28 – Ultra fine liner

Perfect if you use gel eyeliners. The super fine tapered tip on the brush allows you to create perfect liner looks and especially the flick liner.This liner brush has a fine point, perfect for precise application of cream/gel or liquid liner.

E30 – Brown/Spoolie

Use this brush for applying powder or gel products to your brows. The tapered and jagged bristles on the brush leave a natural effect on the brows, its also very slimline and doesn’t add bulkiness to the brows . Can also be used for applying liner to the bottom and top lashes

E39 – Bent liner

This is an eye liner brush I love this for detail work it really gets in close to the lash line and into the inner corner. Really easy to get the amazing flick.

E42 – Pointed crease blender

This brush has a nice domed top and is really good for blending out colours in the crease.

E44 – Flat brush

Love this brush for working under the eye. Can also be used for the brows to get that straight base line or even liner. Also fantastic for the lower lash line. 

L29 – Lip brush/ winged eyeliner brush

Applying lip colour or blending lip liner. Its’ firm round shape means it’s perfect for grabbing product and applying it to define your lips. Works well with cream or powder product.This brush is also perfect for winged/cat eye liner because of its pointed tip.


I would rate these brushes 11 out of 10 if I could… I would highly recommend you go out and buy these !! If you’re looking for great brushes that don’t cost an arm an a leg with these you won’t be disappointed! I will be buying a few other brushes but I think some will be of what I have already..
Available to buy  here.


Let me know if you have used these! Or do you have any other uses for these brushes?

Happy face painting,

Lyanne xx


7 thoughts on “My New Favourite Brushes!

      1. I bought a pack of Morphe brushes and I thought they were okay, definitely not the quality of name brand brushes but they worked well. The only brush I really liked from Morphe was their buffing brush


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