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Hi Guys,

I havnt been blogging the last while as I have been so busy with work and everything around the Christmas Period, Now that its all over I am here to get back into it! I am feeling sick the last few days (Always am around Christmas)  so todays post will be short. But lately I have seen other bloggers posting about there favourite Snapchatters and I think this is a great way to find new people to follow!

Add me!!

I love watching all these girls and when theres a big list of snapchats to catch up on these are the first I go to!

  • Faces by Grace (Facesbygrace23) – Grace is an Irish blogger and youtuber and her snapchats are of her daily life inc the gym, makeup reviews, being with her sister Mags and hanging out her boyfriend. Grace is lovely and so down to earth her snaps are fun and enjoyable.faces by grace
  • Painting Faces (Dianeeverettmua) – How one person can be so gorgeous all of the time  Ill never know! Diane is a beautician from Waterford but her makeup is to die for!! Diane is always doing makeup swatches which can be a bad thing because it will make you go out and buy them!! diane
  • Nicole Guerriero (nguerriero19) – Nicole is a beautiful, hilarious and genuine youtuber and I have always been a big fan of her. She is so entertaining, she keeps her snapchat story up to date so you wont miss a thing!nicole
  • Laura Dempsey Makeup (laudempmakeup) – Laura is a Deise blogger (Waterford Blogger) and also a Makeup Artist working in Urban Decay. Lauras makeup is always amazing!! And her snaps would just make you laugh and some story she tells HILARIOUS!! lau
  • Lisa Jordan (Justjordanblog) – Lisa is a makeup artist and blogger from Cork. She is so down to earth and hilarious! She has a passion for fashion and her outfits, fab! She will instantly brighten your mood. just jordan
  • Cuddles & Contouring (CuddleNContour) Lisa is also a Deise blogger. Lisa is a mom of 2 adorable boys. She is always snapchatting her daily life and does a good few mini tutorials of her makeup routines to. cuddles and contouring
  • So Sue Me (sosueme_ie) – Suzanne is an Irish blogger and Youtuber and also has a brand SOSUE. She snaps about events, products, her daily life and so much more! I really admire how genuine and honest she is in her snaps.sosue
  • Too Dolly Makeup (TooDollyMakeup) – This girl has the cutest face, Always laughing and smiling! Also if you love beyonce – go follow her.. Jen is always doing little tutorials on her snapchat which I find great and helpful.toodolly
  • Rosie Connelly (Rosieconxxx) Rosie is an Irish blogger and shows her day to day life on snapchat with her beautiful son Harry! She always has adorable photos and videos of him up on this.


rosie c

I hope you enjoy these ladies as much as I do! Leave your favourite Snapchatters in the comments 🙂



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