Pennys Makeup Brushes

Pennys or Primark, which ever you know it as, have recently come out with these beautiful rose gold and black double ended brushes. They range from €1.50 – €2.50, you could not leave them there for that! I had time to try them the other day and here is what I think.


Double ended stippling brush: I really love this one. I was planning on using this for applying foundation but it turns out its a bit too small and you would be there all day! The smaller side is a flat top which I thought was ideal for concealing under the eyes. I found this side a bit loose and may fall apart. The other end is a larger brush which is slightly angled and I found this side would be great for contouring as it fits into the hallows of the cheekbone. This one was €2.50


Flat foundation brush: This is double ended with a larger end and a smaller end. I would not really be a fan of this kind of brush to apply foundation but I would use it to apply concealer, primer or even highlighter (cream based). This one was €2.


Contour brush: This is my favorite brush I was really impressed with this one! It is so soft a nice size too. It is slightly angled which will make it easy to apply contour! This could be used to highlight by your cheekbones too. This one is €2.


Kabuki brush: I love this brush for powder to set my foundation. Its so soft and fluffy. I was really happy with this brush. This one was €2.50


All in all, I deffiantly think these brushes are worth picking up. I am impressed and will recommend you getting them. I am going mad I missed the eye and powder brushes! Have you picked these up? Let me know what you think of them!

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