Amino Energy

imageLately I have been feeling very tires and a lack of energy so I started using the  Optimumn Nutrition Amino Energy. Apart from it tasting amazing it also gives me a natural boost of energy, I would say its like having a coffee! You can also change up the intensity of the energy boost by having more or less scoops per drink. Its packed with essential amino acids which gives me a sharp focus to concentrate better at work and it also helps with recoverys!

You can drink amino energy before, during or after a workout or if like myself just have it during the day! I drink this first thing in the morning as i get the energy boost and the amino acids my body needs first thing in the morning. I highly recommend this and there is different flavours such as Strawberry Lime, Orange, Watermelon and Fruit Fusion.



This product  also helps me with my constant sweet tooth cravings 🙈 You can purchase this product from Holland & Barrett for €33.99 definitely worth it!

Lyanne 💖x

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