Make Up Revolution Palettes Review

The last things I needed i my life was more eyeshadow palettesBut a girl can never have enough!  I cant believe how late I was to try this brand. Trying something from them has been so overdue! I came across a small stand in a shop on holidays with these palettes on them and I was delighted. I have to say these palettes are so gorgeous! Im afraid to start using them because I want to keep them in perfect condition.

They are in a black shiny palette which looks alot more expensive than it actually is and it has a classic feel about it. There is a great size mirror inside which includes a plastic sheet inside with all the names for all the shades. I usually keep the name sheet inside the palette not only for the names  but because it acts as a barrier and keeps the mirror from getting powdery.

These are my first  Make Up Revolution products and Im happy to say I like it so far! It will take me ages to try them all as there is so many. The eyeshadow palettes cost me around €8 but online they cost €11.29 which is still affordable! I love how each palette is versatile of shades which you can do a more natural look to a bold striking look. They are all easy to blend and no creasing.

1. Eyes Like Angels: There is 32 eyeshadow shades in total.There are only 3 matte shades in this palette and all the rest are shimmery. There is a nice mix of brights. darks and soft shades. You can create completely different looks using this palette. The shades are very nicely pigmented and go on nice and smoothly.


My favourite shades are:

  • Sophisticated Pink
  • Emerald Night
  • Copper Dream
  • Moltan Chocolate
  • Truffle


2. Flawless: There are 32 eyeshadow shades in this palette also. A great selection of nude and neutral shades but I do think this palette is missing a white! The finishes of the shades are matte, shimmers and satin. There are a few matte and satin shades but the majority of shades are shimmery.


My favourite shades are:

  • Greenstars
  • Chopper Shimmer
  • Black Tie
  • Red Night
  • Gold Digger
  • Moltan Chocolate


3. Flawless Matte: Once upon a time a girl fell in love with a palette so hard… This is such an amazing palette, It has 32 eyeshadow shades like the other 2 palettes. I love how matte and soft the colours are. Its the best selection of neutral matte shadows. They are all very neutral, both warm and cool ,perfect for everyone. I feel like each column has shades that complements eachother really well and create a look using the four! The only downfall is I think the last 2 rows (length wise) are very similar  colours with some not looking much of a difference between but Ill still use them!


My favourite shades are:

  • Nut / Oak
  • Mud
  • Stone
  • Leather
  • Bark
  • Antique / Soft


4. Golden Sugar:  This palette is a beauty! It will make you a glam, golden, glowing goddess. It contains 8 large panned, well pigmented shades. 6 of which I would personally use as a highlight / Blush shades and the other 2 shades are warm bronzer shades. This palette would work particular for the summer months but you could also use these shades as eye shadows which I will admit I will be doing this! Also the very first shade, white shade, I will be wearing this in the inner corners of your eyes to give a nice pop! This would be great for going on holidays for that glowey look and there is alot of choice in one single compact. Only thing is I wish they named each individual shade like they did with the eye shadow palettes. I love all the marbled shades , they look so beautiful when swirled together. And this only cost €8.46 online!



If you are not familiar  with Make Up Revolution they are a UK based brand but they ship worldwide. Click Here for the website. Let me know if you have used any of there other products and what you thought of them?

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