Nivea Men Aftershave Balm

I am sure most of you guys seen or heard of NikkiTutorials and her result with this product as a primer. If not click here.I know it sounds a little strange i didnt believe it at first. The product itself looks like this



When i heard about this product I went routing through my boyfriends products and found it. I used it for about a week and found my skin broke out but wasnt sure if it was because of this. I stopped using it until my skin cleared up and now I cannot stop using it I even went off and purchased my own!! My skin is fine I think it was just that time of the month..

It does sound funny using a mans product but honestly it is much better than any primer i have ever used. It does have that “manly smell” to it but the smell does go away after you apply it. It is very liquidy rather than creamy.Its main ingredient is glycerin which provides a tacky base for foundation to stick to.Glycerin moisturizes the skin and is easily absorbed, my foundation glides smoothly on and stays put all day. I let it dry for a few minutes first before applying any foundation and wow your foundation looks flawless! This ingredient is actually the main ingredient in Macs fix+.

I highly recommend you girls try this out, so affordable at normal price €6 (but can be on offer in Tescos or Dunnes) and works a treat! Where have you been all my life!!

Have you tried it and what do you think?

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