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If your like me and wouldnt go on a night out without your false lashes this post is for you! “Eylure” are the brand of fake lashes I would have wearing before they would be one of the popular brands with the likes of Katy Perry and Girls Aloud collaborating with them.

41C09YL62kL    Eylure-Katy-Perry-Lashes-44

However over the last few years the price of them in Boots are nearly €10 for a pair!! I eventually came across Pennys/Primark lashes and OH MY GOD I cannot live without these! Two of my main loves: Pennys and false lashes. I love them all but my favourite type would be the “Sultry Lashes” and with a price tag of €1.50!  Yes you read right €1.50!! 6 pairs of these for the price of 1 pair of Eylure!DSCF1240

At first when they came out I wasnt expecting much maybe use once, thats it throw them out but these lashes are beautiful, they look natural but still give that full lash effect we all want to achieve. I can not recommend these enough, and I always make sure to stock up on every trip to Penny’s. They do come with a glue but I think it doesn’t stick them as well as the glue that came with the Eylure ones but my tip is to use a really good glue, I use the duo glue, this will ensure that they will stay in place all night because there is noting worst (and we all know the pain) when the corner of an eye lash is peeling off and sticking out! You can wear these more than once if you take care of them. Just peel off the dried lash glue and thanuse a cotton bud dipped in some make up remover to clean the mascara off and there back to normal! I will do a blog post next week about cleaning false lashes.

*Always make sure to wait 30 seconds to let the glue go tacky for a much easier application.

Have you tried these eyelashes? What did you think of them?

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