Contouring is out!?

People have been contouring there face for quite some while now thanks to Kim Kardashian – West but it is so yesterday now! However “strobing” is the now thing this summer.

Makeup1-800x400 (1)

What is strobing exactly? Its basicly highlighting the areas of the face that light would normally hit (Chin, Cupids bow, brow bone etc) giving your look a fresh glow. This look really brightens up the face, it takes less work than contouring and its less harder to mess up! If contouring isnt your thing, strobing could be the makeup technique that really lets your skin shine.


A little guide on how to do strobing. I have been doing this look while on holidays. When using products for this look stay away from anything matte the point of this look is a dewy finish! The products I have been using is the famous Botanicas radiance balm which has been all over social media the last while! This product is amazing and what makes it even better is its a dupe of Mac strobe cream and the Botanicas radiance balm can be bought in Boots. This product can be used under foundation or mixed in with foundation! It gives a radiant glow and gets rid of tiredness! To highlight the areas I use is Seventeen wow 3 way highlighter which is supposed to be a dupe for Benefit High Beam. I also bought this in boots, in duty free before going on my holidays and I was really glad I did it is my go to highlighter at the moment and used it everyday over there!! ( Review will be going up soon) The “wow” in the name is telling the truth its just so beautiful!

10182029                           10163211

In my opinion I think I love contouring too much to get rid of it 100% but strobing is pretty. For day time strobing is mre suitable and I would contour at night. If any one you have any other questions to ask about strobing, feel free to ask here or on Twitter    instagram     facebook

Would you guys say bye to contouring and say hello to strobbing?

Lyanne x

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