Suitcase Tips!!


Hey guys!

So I am off to Tenerife tomorrow and I am so excited.. I have been picking up some holiday bits the last few weeks (mostly from penny’s) because lets face it you cant beat penny’s!! But I did not realize how much stuff I actually bought till now.. Of course I had a few bits already but who doesn’t love bringing new bits on holidays.

While I am packing my bag I decided to show you how I like to pack my suitcase.

20150602_114846                          large (1)

Some of my packing tips:

  • First off make a list of things that you need to bring and tick them off as you put them in the case.
  • Pack underwear in a bag, than use the bag for dirty underwear over there.
  • Pack breakables inside shoes.
  • Lay out and plan outfits, that way you don’t over pack or don’t bring a bunch of items you cant wear together.
  • Pack all your valuables or irreplaceables with you just in case something happens to your suitcase *Touch Wood*
  • Use shoes and hair tools to separate clothing sections.
  • Pack make up bag tight so noting breaks i.e foundation, eye shadow, bronzer etc
  • Fully charge technology the night/day before leaving.
  • Roll clothes it gives you more space and doesn’t wrinkle them as much.

Packing List:

  • Clothing – Tops, Pants, Dresses, Underwear and Bras, Bikinis, Pjs, Shoes and accessories (Belt, jewelery)
  • Beauty – Hair tools, Brush, Hair Accessories, Products, Makeup and brushes and Wipes
  • Toiletries – Toothpaste and brush, Shampoo and conditioner, Moisturizer, Deo, Body spray and perfume, Razor and body wash
  • Other Stuff – Chargers, Camera, Book, Headphones, Sunglasses, Lip balm,Wallet Passport and travel tickets!!

I really hope this helped you and if you have any tips you would like to share feel free to comment below! Also there will be a holiday outfit post when I am back so keep an eye for that!

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