Review: The Best All In One Hair Treatment!

Hello Everyone,

This is my first hair review/ hair care talk! A few weeks ago I picked up this product as I heard very good things about it and never actually tried it as I always stuck to the same products and I think its time to adventure out of that.

The product I am talking about today is a leave in conditoner called Uniq One and its after becoming one of my must have products! I am truly in love with this product and would recommend it in a heartbeat!

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This hair care spray in treatment claims to provide 10 benefits to all hair types:

  1. Repair for Dry/Damaged Hair
  2. Shine and Frizz Control
  3. Heat Protection
  4. Silky and Smooth finish
  5. Colour protects with UV filters
  6. Easier brushing and ironing
  7. Detangler and enhances styling possibilities and manageability 
  8. Long lasting hairstyle
  9. Split end prevention
  10. Adds body

When reading that it had 10 benefits I didnt believe it but from my experience,I defo experienced all 10 of those above from my very first use. Also, Anyone that has extensions, you can use this in your hair! (just make sure it stays away from the bonds!) It is usable on wet or dry hair! It is a creamy texture but its such a light weight product. When using on weight hair I just spray it in the root area and end. Than Just comb through the hair to make sure it gets everywhere. Than blowdry like always or leave dry natural.When I want to volumise my hair later on in the day. I spray this on my dry hair  than use a hairdryer and it still makes my hair feel fresh, smooth, volumised and smell great. It really does protect my hair well and I have grown to love this product more and more every day! When applying to wet hair i focus more on my roots.

The red colour one is the original smell and its amazing my hair always smells great afterwards. There is also a white one which smells like coconuts.The price of this range is  €15 -€20 depending on where you purchase it from. You can purchase it from salon wholesalers.Im telling you, You need to go out tomorrow and buy it! Trust me..

Lyanne xx

One thought on “Review: The Best All In One Hair Treatment!

  1. Unique One is really a good one. My rough but thin here was a great concern to me, other products made my scalp visible because of loosing hair. After using Unique One mine is getting better, a good complexion of conditioner I found. Thanks for the post, it’s really helpful.


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