Hello everyone,

The first time i heard of inailz i seen it on xpose but if you havnt heard or seen of inailz you have missed out! Do you love nail art? Well stay tuned!


What exactly is Inailz?  Inailz are an Irish Company which specialize in printing nail art on nails that is done using one of two different type of machines. They have brought this new technology to Ireland which can take the time and hassle out of nail art in salons.


The first machine is the large white or black machine. This does two things; firstly it can print any image at all onto a set of false nails and secondly it can print any image directly onto your nail, be it a regular paint, shellac or gel nails!
And the second machine is a smaller machine but only prints an image onto your own nail!

It is mad how the machine works you can literally take any image in the world and get either a section on the image or the whole thing in your nail! The machine comes with a good amount of images to choose from or you can print your own image and all come in assortment of colours. The best part is you can choose an image of your own to get printed onto your nails 🙊🙊 It would be amazing for hen partys (grooms face) childrens partys, presents, or even if you want to match your nails to an outfit you have for a party or a wedding. Here is a few ideas of the designs you can get:


The set of stick on nails come with both sticky pads, nail glue and a nail file. They are also suitable for kids as you can use the sticky part instead of the glue and file them down to size. So there favorite disney princess can be on there nail, how cool would that be! At just €15 per set they are also a bargain when you consider the fact you can have a customized design that inly you can have!


How long the design will last for all depends on what polish you get. Shellac and gel nails would last as long as they would but if you wanted the print just for the weekend or just the day the option of a regular nail polish is there! It is just €2.50 per nail. These are great prices for such great detail and finish ☺. And you dont have to get a design on every finger the most popular one would be normal colour on every finger and the print on the ring finger. This picture is an example:


If you are in the Waterford area and would like to try inailz out where I work we recently got the large machine 🙊 You can make an appointment with The Salon at Georges Court; 051 854600.
These nails were all done by Celene who works there!


So if you have a design, pattern or picture youd like to have printed on your own nails, why dont you pop into the salon and we will be more than welcome to help you ☺


Lyanne 💖x

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