So I came across this brand recently on the internet and there is some things on the website I WANT!! The name of the website is Powder and they sell scarves, gloves and faux fur. Click into the website here . I decided to do a wishlist and they are my absolute favourite on the website.

Scarves are one thing you cant have enough of and can be an amazing statement accessory. In Ireland youll need them all year round! Its now meant to be summer but we still have the dull cold weather even abit of rain. When I came across this brand i fell straight in love with there scarves!! How amazing are these scarves!! They are perfect for spring as they have floral print and they even brighten up an outfit. Both scarves are £18.00. The first scarf is soft and a delicate look. I love the poppy design on it, it is so simple and elegant. In an outfit I would love to bring out the poppy colour and green in the scarf. A flowey dress or skirt would be fab with it! Would also be amazing as a shawl if you were going to a wedding. The second scarf is more colourful than the other. This has a pattern has a gorgeous floral and butterfly design. The outfit I would pair this with would be more plain I would leave the scarf be the pop of the outfit.

powder scarves
Left: Cottage Garden Poppy Print/// Right: Colour Riot Print

When i seen there gloves there was two that stood out to me because I was looking for these types for ages and could never find the ones I wanted. I better start saving… First up is the Ingrid Glove. The check print on this and the ribbon just makes it and the pop of colour is my fav! There is a choice of colour: Pink, Blue, Orange and Mustard. I just love pink and its a nice shade of it to. These are £16.50. Next up is the Tallulah Glove. The fur around the end is gorgeous. This glove also comes in a choice of colour: Orange with brown fur, Pink with white fur, Grey with pinkish fur,Mustard with brown fur and these. These are £20.00.

powder gloves
Top: Ingrid Glove/// Bottom: Tallulah Glove

Thank you for reading, Be sure to check them out!

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