Kylie Jenner Hair!

So for the last while Kylie Jenner has been on everyones “Want To Be” list! From her hair, to her lips, to her fashion, I LOVE EVERYTHING about her! But pictures of her are all over the internet today because guess what, she changed her hair again.. This time i dont know if its real or a wig as its not been proper reveled! When kylie had the teal colour on the ends of her hair with still her dark hair it was fab 👌



And this is back!!!  But by the looks of it its an all over look 😍😍 she posted this picture on instagram 2 days ago and im in love!



And she never seems to fail with her outfits! This is her and sister kendall outfit for Coachella! How fab are these two!
I have to say im loving this mermaid hair make over ❤What do you think of it?

Lyanne 💖x

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