Grey Hair Is Having A Moment!

Ok this colour hair is HUGE for spring summer 2015! Who would of ever thought about grey hair being in style? #GrannyHair is now trending. So it clearly does not matter if your 18 or 81, silver hair looks gorgeous!

This would be the most hardest colour to achieve. To get this look I would only recommend anyone being platinum blonde or a base of a 11 up! Where I work we use Wella and they have the perfect colour in there range – 8/81wela colour touch 8.81

When going into a hairdressers I would recommend you bring a picture, its very good to bring pictures in as it gives your hairdresser a visual idea and also better idea of what your looking for!

To keep the grey you need alot of tlc as it can fade very quickly so at-home maintenance is necessary! Keep toning! Put Wella silver shampoo, which comes out a purple colour, on dry hair for 10-15 mins and you will notice it being that bit silver. Best thing about being silver is it fades out to the colour you were before it – either it white or brassy or whatever tone!wella-sp-silver-blond-shampoo

If you are dark like me and would love this look of course you can get there but what a big process! it is super damaging and would not all be done in one season, not at all! You would want to be ok with some damage going silver…and say bye bye to no more silky hair!

silver hair 1 silver hair 2 silver hair kylie jenner silver hair 3

Will you be turning grey this Summer?

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