To All Them Girls Who Want Amazing Brows!!

They say your eyes are the windows to your soul and windows obviously need frames!

Lets just say OH MY GOD…Im in love! My Anastasia Dip Brow was delivered the end of last week and its just amazing. I heard a lot of great things about this product before I eventually gave in and got my hands on it. I was very excited to try it out. Now that I tried it, I most defiantly understand why many makeup artists say they cannot imagine ever sculpting there eyebrows without it. It has completely changed my brow game! And I have just used it twice. Although it will take me a few trials and errors to figure it out but sculpting my brows with this product is so much easier! Before, I have tried many pencils and powders to define my brows which do not last that long! Now, all I use is this dip brow method to apply. I already have my desired shape on my brows and I have always just needed that definition and this gives it A LOT OF DEFINITION!! Which is not a bad thing, but you have been warned! Just be light handed with it. It is a gel-Mousse consistency which glides on smoothly. This product is waterproof but you still have plenty of time to sculpt, define and blend before it starts setting.

DSCF1086(I wish i took a picture of it before I went at it but I couldn’t wait to use it)

I applied this product with my essence angled brush and to be honest this brush does an amazing job! I create gentle strokes across my brows so the product distributes evenly. You only need the tiniest bit on your angled brush and your good to go (less is more). I also use a spoolie brush to blend the product out so it doesn’t look to harsh.

The product is contained in a glass pot with a black and rose gold packaging. It comes in a lot of different shades. You would be afraid to pick a shade as the swatches shown on the internet were very warm toned and I felt they would look to fake and painted on but mine thankfully matches and blends perfectly. I purchased the dip brow in the shade Ebony. My eyebrows are naturally thick, so I mainly use the pomade to define them making them look natural and polished. I love how versatile the dip brow pomade is too, you can double it up as eyeliner. I purchased this on ( )

It came within 7 days and only retailed about €12.50 which is actually quite cheap! And also there was free shipping when you spent over €14. The product looks like it would last up to a year, possibly longer!

There will be pictures to follow as I forgot to take one whenever I used it.. but promise I will put up a before and after picture!

Thanks for ready 🙂

Lyanne x

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