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I am recently only back from a trip away to Madrid and I loved it! I had a few people ask a few things while I was there so aswell as vlogging my trip I have decided to do a blog post as it is easier to share all the information and recommendations.

Madrid is often overshadowed by its neighbour Barcelona but the capital of Spain deserves its own spotlight of fame!  If you’re looking for the perfect city break destination, then Madrid has a bit of everything for everyone and perfect for exploring. We went for 6 nights as we wanted a city break but also a sun holiday, we were delighted we went for that length of time because we got to enjoy it and not shoving everything in. We went in July so if you go in Summer be prepaired for it to be roasting!

The hotel we stayed in was called Eurostars Plaza Mayor which is a 4 star hotel. This hotel was modern and lovely. It is in an ideal location as you are in walking distance to Sol and Gran Via, actually if you don’t mind walking it was in walking distance of everything! I would really recommend this hotel as it was very reasonably priced.

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One bit of advise I would give is to have a list of places you would like to see or things to do as you would need to plan ahead on city breaks as you may need to get up early to squeeze the things in and do as much as you can. Before I went I had an idea of the main things I wanted to do but I actually watched travel vlogs on youtube, read travel blogs on Madrid and searched hastags on Instagram to just get more information and to see different things.

                                                Things to see and do:

Madrid is full of amazing buildings from the monuments, architecture, culture and amazing views!

  • El Templo de Debod

This Egyptian temple was giving to Spain in the late 1960s as a thank you present. The temples is a stunning three piece that rises above a reflecting pool. This area is beautiful at any time of the day, I have heard that it is most impressive at sunset. We didn’t see the sun set this time but that leaves us with a good reason to come back! There is a small walking area around which was a nice stroll and there is one spot where the view is lovely. Admission is free so this should totally be on your list!



  • El Parque del Retrio

When you come up to the gates of Retrio Park you are amazed and will be in love with the area. It stretches across 330 acres and is just so pretty. In the park there is a lot of amazing monuments, sculptures, fountains, green areas aswell as a boating lake and includes the glass Palacio de Cristal which hosts free exhibitions.  This is a escape from the busy city. The park is so big that we didn’t even get to see it all which I am going mad about as it was stunning. Its a lovely spot in the summer to bring a picnic and relax!

My favourite part about the park is the boating lake, you can hire out a paddle boat and relax in the lake while taking in the area. I see this on a few peoples instagrams and this was top on my list! It was so cheap, €6-8 euro for the boat depending on time of year you go at and you have it for 45 mins! There was only 2 of us but about 4 or 5 would fit on it!



  • Circulo de Bellas Artes

The city has a lot of rooftop areas but this building has one of the citys best views! The view from the top of the Circulo de Bellas Artes arts and cultural centre is famous and now I understand why! It costs €4 each, you take a lift to the 7th floor which brings you to a rooftop terrace bar overlooking the city. This is one famous area to watch the sunset as it opens until 1.30am (2.30am weekends) but it was breath taking and a you needed to be there moment. This was one of my big highlights of the holiday.

I would recommend going here but be prepaired to be in a que for a while depending on time of the year, drink is a reasonable price, I got a cocktail for €10 but it was so yummy! I would also recommend to stay there for a while and take it all in as it is amazing up there.


  • Real Madrid Football Stadium

Even if your not into football, exploring Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is an interesting experience. Tickets cost about €25 and the tour includes access to the stands, pitchside views, through out its like a museum full of historic items and moments in the clubs history. You get to see old jerseys, awards and trophies since the early 1900s.


  • Gran Via

This area is one of the best streets for shopping in Madrid. Everyone who knows me know how much I love shopping so I was excited when I seen all the shops! We visited Primark (Penneys for us Irish girls) which is the biggest one I have seen, 5 floors!! Madrid has a great range of shops for woman and men! If you go off this main street to the side streets you come across a lot of shops also.


  • Plaza Mayor

Take a stroll through the square itself and try out some of the many restaurants that are hidden just behind the plaza itself. We done this a few nights, as it was just a sort distance from our hotel, for drinks and just relax and people watch. If you go off the side streets from the courtyard you get a few nice places to see and eat.  This large area used to be used for bull fighting


  • Metro

The centre of Madrid is very walkable, but if you’re travelling further afield the Metro is a faster way and runs across the city from 6am to 1.30am. A single Metrobús ticket (which you can use on the Metro or buses) costs €1.50, or you can get a 10-journey ticket for €12.20. Now we done the metro, so handy but got confussed when going to buy tickets as the machine has no back button so if you make mistakes (which we done a lot) you have to go back to the start of it..

  • City Tour Bus

These are a hop on hop off service which is so handy to see a lot of the area. These cost €21 for 1 day and €28 for 2 days. In Madrid there is 2 routes which is brilliant to see all the sites, like everywhere I know you wont want to visit every site so this is a great way to see it but pass by quickly! When getting o the bus you get headphones to stick in and pick your language to listen to the history tour.

  • Cereal Hunters Cafe

I spotted this on Instagram and I just had to go there.. I loved it I went twice!! This café is known for having such a mixture of cereals from all over the world, mixture of milks and toppings. I would recommend going here, it is about €10 for two larges bowls and also to go early if you don’t want to be in a line.



You Can’t Visit Madrid Without Eating …

Spain means tapas but you need to try:

  • A runny tortilla de patatas (Spanish potato omelet)
  • Pimientos de Padrón (small green chiles fried in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt)
  • Chocolate con churros (piping hot churros with hot chocolate)


If you enjoyed this post and either you are going, thinking of going or would like to go, here is my vlog I took of the trip. Click link below and let me know what you think 🙂

Travel with me // Madrid Vlog

Image may contain: 1 person, sky and outdoor Image may contain: 1 person, sky and outdoor


Lets Be Honest, Its important!

I started writing this as a post on my blog facebook page but it was just getting way too long so I decided to write it as a blog post. With everything going on in Ireland with the Instagram page “BloggersUnveiled” this topic has been on my mind for some time now. It shows how much people take on what influncers/bloggers/youtubers do. Those titles come with responsibilitys and we need to be more honest! Now a days it is hard as you cant always tell what is real or not on social media. Even though we can do whatever we want with our blogs I just find it very important to be honest.

For me it is all more important that what I say or do is to be honest & true about anything. I create my stuff for people to put their faith in my opinions, trust what I say and for them to make up their mind on the purchasing decisions.

We don’t have to love everything we try and that’s what makes us more real and more relatable! I have faced the fact that there is absolutely noting wrong with saying you didn’t like something because in fact people will be more likely to trust you when you are not always saying every product you try is great.

When I started blogging and started getting things sent to me, I wanted to just like everything so I wouldn’t need to tell a PR company  that I didn’t like something so they would keep me on the list but I realised how ridiculious that was because you deserve as my followers to hear what I really think of the items. I cannot be fake and pretend to like a product when I don’t! There has been products I didn’t review because I didn’t like them at all but than again certain things come down to personal preference and you need to remember that. I have not been paid to write or review anything but in the future if I am I will be staying true to it all and being honest about it!

As a blogger you got to think the long run and not short run as it will all be worth it later on. 



Luna Miracle Hair Treatment

Hey dolls!

I was excited to see a blogger launch a hair product and when I seen Lisa Jordan, Just Jordan come out with the brand “Luna” and her second product being a big surprise, a leave in hair treatment, I knew I had to have it and try it out! I purchased mine in Grow unltd in Waterford.  First impressions where good, the packaging looks pretty its something you would want in your hair care products.

Luna by Lisa JordanLisa Jordan Irish Beauty Show 2018


I have used it since I bought it and there was a once off that I didn’t use it and I noticed such a difference, by god this is a miracle!!. When I started using it I instantly knew I would love it! I had Beauty Work extensions in my hair 6 months and it gave them a boost each time and gave them an amazing shine also. I found the product helped me detangle the extensions and smoothen them out. Also not to mention the smell it gives, its devine, which is very important with a hair product! When I use a product on a client the smell is what gives the first reaction “oooh whats that!” so having a nice smell for me is a key point. I now have my extensions out and have been still using this in my hair each time!

Luna by Lisa Jordan Miracle Hair Treatment

This product is to be used on wet hair that is towel dried and I use 3-4 sprays for each application, all depends on how much hair you have, if you have thick hair 8 pumps may do. It has 12 benefits

  1.  UVA & UVB Protection
  2. Sulphate & Paraben Free
  3. Helps repair dry and damaged hair
  4. Nourishes and protects for radiant shine
  5. Delivers soft, silky, more manageable results
  6. Contains colour protection complex
  7. Acts as an incredible detangler
  8. Aids in the prevention of static
  9. Conditions both natural & synthetic hair
  10. Smooths split ends and controls frizz
  11. Non sticky application
  12. Contains vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants that can help promote healthy hair

Overall I have no faults with this product! Its a nice treatment and if your going to buy this product you don’t need anything else added into your haircare! For only €16 its a great price.

This Luna product has been on the market for only a few months now and has already won an award, Image Magazine Ireland Beauty Award, for Best Hair Treatment!

luna miracle hair treatment image awards


Bad Hair Day? not any more!

We have all experienced those days when our hair just does not cooperate the way we would like it to be,  don’t deny it! Whether it’s bed hair, second day hair, or a simply just a bad hair day – here are 6 simply easy and quick tips on how to fix it! Dont worry you will not need to do a Britney moment and shave your head!

1. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo absorbs excess oils and adds a volumizing texture to your hair. If you don’t have dry shampoo handy, try this simple trick: take a small amount, about a teaspoon size of baby powder and gently massage it into your scalp at the roots. This will also absorb excess oils and make your hair appear fresher but this method mainly works on lighter hair as dark hair will have a grey look on your hair.

Tip: use little by little of the dry shampoo, make sure not to use too much, or otherwise it will be noticeable.

dry shampoo, oily hair


2. Braids, braids, braids

I just love braids anyway but not only will they cover up that second day hair, they also look so much better on second or third day hair. For some ideas on what kinds of braids you can try out:



3. Tease your roots

For flat hair, backcombing the roots will instantly lift the hair and give it a lively, fuller look.

teasing hair


4. Embrace the frizz

Your hair doesn’t need to be perfectly smooth at all times. Why not go with your frizz rather than against it by lightly braiding or putting your hair in a boho hairstyle , and just be confident with it?

boho hairstyle


5. Wash half your hair

This one may sound a little strange, I know, but for a lot of us the process of washing and drying the hair can take a long time and is just complete effort. When you’re in a rush, take the front part of your hair and wash that section only (maybe even in the sink). If you have a fringe, just go ahead and wash the fringe. This will give an illusion that you have freshly washed hair and take the attention away from what you’re trying to hide!!

hair wash day quote meme


6. Rock that cute hat or headband

This one is a major one!! If you have tried all of the above and your hair is still annoying you or your just too lazy to even try attempt to fix it, than throw on a hat to disguise it all! Try rocking a cute hat with a side braid, or tease your hair at the crown and put on a thick headband. Ta-da what bad hair day?

bad hair day cap hat



It’s only a bad hair day if we allow it to be one. You are beautiful no matter what, stay confident and smile lots. If you do not attract attention to your not so perfect hair on those bad hair days, I am telling you, nobody will even notice a thing about it!! 🙂

Hair Extensions at Grow Unltd!

Hey guys,
So as you may know few weeks ago I went and got my first set of extensions! I am used to wearing clip in extensions and over a year ago I chopped my long hair off to a bob style. I was sick of clipping extensions in and waiting for my hair to grow so I finally gave in and got hair extensions that will last a few months.

fresh weave

I went and treated myself to new hair at Grow Unltd. Grow Unltd is in Waterford City and I would not look past them! They specialise in hair extensions as health and growth is their goal! They are also the only Kevin Murphy concept salon in Waterford. When I put one foot in the door I was amazed at how fabulous the salon looks and I was also greeted by friendly staff straight away.
I decided to do a blog post about my hair extensions as I got loads of people asking about them and complimenting them. This post will also help if you are thinking about getting extensions. Hair extensions are a great way to create that instant new look if its by length, thickness or even changing your colour. Here are some pictures of their amazing work:


platinum blonde hair extensions
Starting off I have fine hair but a lot of it and because of this I find it hard to get volume or body in my hair. I like the extensions as they give me the length of course but because they also give me lots of volume and thickness! Grow do a few ranges of hair extensions such as hairspray, gold fever and beauty works. I got the Beauty Works Luxury pre bonded hair extensions which are an award winning brand.

Do they hurt?

People have asked me do they hurt and the answer is no! The first day or two they can feel slightly heavy but that’s because I am not used to them and there is a lot of hair there than what you are used to!

How much are they?

This question cant really be answered as everyones hair is different. It all depends on how many extensions you’re getting, how many shades you want, the length you want, and if you are getting other services aswell such as your own hair coloured. This is why a consultation would be done before hand. A consultation is free and this is a must to find out what exactly will be done and find out your own personal price. Grow actually do special offer some months so keep an eye out for that, I got my Beauty Works 100 strand hair extensions 22″ in length for €300. Hair extensions are not cheap, you get what you pay for!
All hair extension services include a wash and blowdry before they are installed. This service is so relaxing as the chairs pull out and vibrate! Kevin Murphy products are used to prep your hair at the sink.

What is the aftercare like?

After paying that kind of money on your hair you need to look after them and go by the rules! They are treated like your own hair but with more attention and care. Extensions can get split ends and eventually look damaged after being styled over and over again without using heat protection spray so looking after them is a must to keep that shine and condition on them.

  • The most important part of looking after hair extensions and keeping them in good condition is your shampoo and conditioner! Grow unltd use Kevin Murphy products and I started using these products when I got the extensions and just fell in love! All Kevin Murphy hair products are sulphate free, paraben free and cruelty free meaning they are super safe for hair extensions.Kevin Murphy shampoo
  • Brush your hair extensions quite a bit every day. This is important because you don’t want your hair getting knotty and tangled up. Do not half arse doing it by running your fingers through it get a hair extension brush, keep it in your bag and brush it from the root down to separate each strand.
  • When sleeping always tie your hair up as it prevents matting during the night if your like me and toss and turn during your sleep. I always braid mine or put a tight ponytail in at the back of the nape of neck. Having your hair loose it doesn’t help you may aswell not have it tied at all.
  • Make sure to separate the bonds to prevent matting. Do this by running your fingers through the bonds and you may feel a couple of strands stuck together and you just have to pull these apart. This should be done daily!


Dry Skin No7 Skincare



Beautiful Skin Micellar Cleansing Water

My skin feels soft and hydrated after this with a bright and healthy look. Removes makeup quick and easy, only takes 2 cotton pads to take my makeup off! Also removes waterproof and long lasting makeup. What I love about this is it has a pump action bottle which allows you to control the amount of product you want.

Soft and Soothes Gentle Toner

I use this to remove the last bit of makeup left on my face. This also hydrates and refreshes the skin while being gentle. This is fragrance free and alcohol free which doesn’t give your skin that dry feeling afterwards!

Total Renew Micro – Dermabrasion Face Exfolitator

My skin felt so much fresh, bright and clear. The aluminium – oxide micro – crystals smooth, refine and renew wiping away dull cells to give you that radiance glow. Also helps to work against appearance of dark areas, sun damage or blemish prone skin. I only use this twice a week max. With exfoliators I am always afraid that they may be too harsh on your skin but this is not too rough but does the job it has to do.

Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask

As I have dry skin I find this gives an intense moisture and hydration boost. This is perfect for when your having bad skin and need a pamper night . It can be left on for 3 – 10 minutes. Leaves skin feeling soft and so smooth. The texture is light and settles onto your skin very well!


Summer Festival Fashion

It has been festival season a while now but with Longitude being on this weekend I thought I would do a festival style post. Being festival season means bring out the tents and heading to the field for 2/3 days of music, drink and sunshine (maybe not in Ireland though…) This post is going to be filled with festival outfits for inspiration! I love seeing other peoples outfits and going about putting my own style onto it.



Pretty Little Thing:







Pretty Little Thing:









Pretty Little Thing:






Pretty Little Thing:







Pretty Little Thing:







Pretty Little Thing:






Teeth Whitening Product Review

For a while I have been wanting to dive into trying out teeth whitening products because who doesn’t want a bright smile! I am always wanting that white Hollywood smile but with dental work nowadays costing some load I have used whitening stripes and loved them but as I drink a lot of tea I find my teeth just get stained so easily. I came across a toothpaste kit on blogs such as “The Beautiful Truth” and “Itsallgblog” so I ran in the next day and got them.


The products I have been using are the Oral-B White Luxe Perfection Toothpaste. I have been testing these out for 2 weeks now.


The toothpaste is clinically proven to remove up to 100 percent of surface stains in just three days and it is a great addition to your daily routine for the upkeep of your white smile.
Special technology within the toothpaste dissolves stains and prevents new stains from forming.

I have also been trying and testing the Accelerator that helps the Oral-B 3D White Luxe Perfection Toothpaste whiten the teeth.


It removes the surface stains and this small, additional step in your routine amplifies whiteness and ensures you get long-lasting stain protection and enamel care with every use.

This is designed to be used after brushing, it contains the highest level of stain removing technology that Oral-B has ever developed! Oral-B 3D White Luxe 2-Step System gives me a bright smile which lasts throughout the day so I can enjoy it without worrying about stained or ‘coloured’ teeth. The accelerator isn’t your usual toothpaste, it has a chalky type of texture.



Before and After (2 weeks of use)


I found these toothpastes to be such a game changer! My teeth look and feel better since using the toothpaste and accelerator. I am looking forward to using these products for longer as I know that  when I am using these Oral-B products my teeth are protected from any new stains and will stay beautifully white no matter what I eat or drink.



Festival Hair Ideas!

My most loved time of the year is Festival Season. With Coachella over but more music festivals to happen during the summer this is the perfect time to try these looks out. What I love about festival looks is you can be unique and go crazy!!


My favourite looks would have to be ; Space buns, coloured hair, double dutch braids, glitter roots and middle parting braids. With festival looks don’t forget to accessories! This year there is way more accessories that just a flower crown, even though I do love that! Try adding hair charms to your braids, weave some coloured wool through your hair, head scarf or even fresh flowers.

The person I look to for hair inspo is Sophie Hannah Richardson;

Some hair inspiration from Pinterest:


For anyone that wants a different colour in your hair but also want it to wash out, well Loreal Colorista Sprays, is what you are looking for! I have black hair and they even show up in it which I was delighted about! Spray in and wash straight out 🙂

loreal colorista spray

Red Leather

You have no idea how long I was looking for a red leather jacket for!

New Look – Red Leather Jacket €49.99

I used to never wear red, hated the colour and now I love it.. I fell in love with the jacket Michael Jackson wore and had to have one. Its a nice twist with a colour and far away from black. As I wear too much black it is nice to have a colour to make it pop.

michael jackson red leather

If your like me and love a red leather jacket, here are a few outfit ideas (from pinterest);